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-====== Stein Lightman - Detailed Dossier ====== 
-\\ \\ \\  
-===== Reference Files ===== 
-^ File/Clue Name ^ Key Concepts ^ Information from File/Clue ^ Date Presented ^  
-|[[investigation:​documents:​mails?&#​hiding_behind_facades|Hiding Behind Facades]]|Mail from Stein to Misty | Stein mails Misty revealing he is Enlightened and how he feels they are both connected| 20 January 2013| 
-|[[investigation:​documents:​chatlogs?&#​shards_not_official_name|Shards - no official name]]| Conversation between the 3 ex-scientist of the Niantic project | Schubert , Nagassa and Lightman discuss the Jarvis shards, Dark XM and ancient Egypt | 12 November 2013| 
-|[[investigation:​images?&#​us_glyph_translation|Us - Glyph translation]]| Translation for the glyph us / We | Translation of glyph that showed in the Redemption videoclip from Enoch | 24 November 2013| 
-|[[investigation:​images?&#​improve_lead_glyph_translation|Improve and Lead - Glyph translation]]| Translation for the glyphs for Improve and Lead | Translation of glyph that showed in the Redemption videoclip from Enoch | 25 November 2013| 
-|[[investigation:​images?&#​harm_glyph|Harm glyph]]|Another translation from Dr. Lightman for a glyph|Apart from the translation he also added -Here is my translation of the Glyph that appeared in Hank Johnson'​s #13MAGNUS episode of NOMAD.It seems obvious to me why this Glyph appeared at the gate to the supposed #13MAGNUS sanctum... Hank was knowingly wading into unknown territory. Some mysteries are better left undisturbed,​ a lesson I expect he'll never take to heart. Perhaps for the better.|21 December 2013| 
-|[[images:​other|Other]]|Stein Lightman ponders the nature of #​13MAGNUS'​s secrets.||14 January 2014| 
-|[[images:​intothemountains|Into the mountains]]|Yuri tells a Anazktec story about death and life of a leader and mentions it is hearing Stein Lightman that makes him thin of that story||15 January 2014| 
-|[[documents:​miami|Miami]]|Lorazon using threats and deception to track Hank Johnson.|Lorazon asks Lightman why Mazz, an associate of Hank Johnson, was spotted at an archaeological site in Miami.|12 February 2014| 
-|[[documents:​songlines1|Songlines 1]]|The wise men look to the past to understand the present. Part 1 of 2 |Lightman and Nagassa analyzed Hank Johnson'​s thesis on 13Magnus regarding the allegorical nature of myths.|16 February 2014| 
-|[[documents:​songlines2|Songlines 2]]|The second page of the conversation|Lightman and Nagassa conclude that Hank Johnson is following the path of Alexander the Great in his search for the Artifacts.|17 February 2014|  
-===== Additional Information =====  
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