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Stein Lightman - June 29, 2014


I've been pondering the meaning of this Glyph.

Truth be told, it came to me in an odd moment of insight and I can't recall exactly what triggered it. Certainly recent comments and revelations from +Roland Jarvis were at the front of my mind at the time.

Since the discovery of the Krakow document, information has come to light that I believe will help us solve this mystery. Investigators have painstakingly deciphered the scrawled notations that line the document (here: The first page of the document features a shape evocative of the Glyph for 'Fear.' The final page shows what I believe to be the exact Glyph that appeared in my mind. The story printed on the pages itself is a sort of nightmare, a man who witnesses a strange and demonic ritual with a dark history.

The idea I'm pursuing is complex. It will take me some time to understand, much less express, what I believe this Glyph may express.

I do not believe this Glyph represents fear or danger, and certainly also nothing as literal as a dragon or mythic beast… Rather, I think this represents the reason fear exists in the first place. The reason humanity has invented, through imagination and time, constructs such as dragons and the great beasts and monsters of myth and reality.

We've often thought of fear as a survival tool, something that came with us from the caves when we were the hunted and predators were everywhere. Perhaps, biologically, it came even earlier in our evolution.

But what if it was something more?

Our survival instinct expresses itself as fear. Is every creature's survival instinct experienced so? We are what we are today because we have the ability to modulate between a few different kinds of signals. Fear is most certainly one of them.

I look forward to your assistance in piecing together this puzzle.


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