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Roland Jarvis - Detailed Dossier

Excerpt from Who's who of Ingress: Roland Jarvis

Roland Jarvis was a sculptor who was brought onto the Niantic Project at CERN for his ability to replicate designs replicated from organized information from XM. He had been accused of copying his designs from another man's brain. This man would later hang himself from one of Jarvis's sculptures.

During his time on the Niantic Project, the scanner app was leaked to the public with a patch for the Enlightened purportedly made by Jarvis. Jarvis was accused but denied any involvement in the leak or patch.

When a failed XM experiment caused the facility to be exposed to high amounts of XM, Jarvis and Devra Blogdonovich escaped and separated.

Jarvis was shot and killed by the NIA, but his body later exhibited unusual properties such as regeneration.

Jarvis appears to have survived as an XM entity. He claims to be in contact with the source of the ordered data in XM known as the Shapers. His methods and communication style has made him a prominent and controversial leader of the Enlightened.

Current Status (last updated Nov. 25 2013)

Jarvis has been shattered into 13 shards by an attack by Oliver Lynton-Wolfe's experimental weapon. The Enlightened are currently trying to gather the shards at the Cupid's Span sculpture in San Francisco to try to resurrect him as a human by December 14. Reversed voicemails have been appearing on the RedX phones won by Resistance players in Vienna and Dallas.

Reference files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
What is the Niantic Project Intro video were Jarvis speaks about his past In the video he says “I was six years old, in California desert, an XF-103 stuck out of a crack in desert floor, frozen in space and time. I am Roland Jarvis and I am not dead…” 30 October 2012
Tycho's poster 2tycho poster that shows Jarvis In the poster a image is seen that seems to be the event that happened to him at the age of 6 1 November 2012
Ispirare Revelation about his inspiration Jarvis reveals that his ideas come from outside his mind, and that someone else had the same ideas as his, would commit suicide in one of his installations4 November 2012
Jarvis Drawing Adrawing related to Jarvis Childhood In this drawing we see an event from Roland Jarvis Childhood 13 November 2012
Jarvis Appearance (4 videos) First appearance of Jarvis on a portal A greenish face shows in the Cupid Span portal and calls itself Roland Jarvis 1 January 2013
Murder Jarvis death In this comic it is revealed that Jay Phillips was one of murderers of Roland Jarvis 5 October 2013
RedemptionEnoch's videoclip for the music RedemptionIn this track you can hear a message from Jarvis 22 November 2013
Jarvis Redemption Speech - Part 1Speech from JarvisJarvis discuses portals and the goals that enlightened agents should have in spreading the word about the shapers30 November 2013
Jarvis Redemption Speech - Part 2Speech from JarvisJarvis discuses how portals can affect you1 December 2013
BOLOJarvis body disappearsThe CDC reports asks for information on Jarvis body after it disappears in 6 of December8 December 2013

Additional Information

Jarvis hacks into the communication channel of new users of the Ingress Scanner app, asks them to join him, and, if they agree, applies his patch to the app.
Roland Jarvis is played by the actor JB Blanc

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