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Roland Jarvis G+ April 27, 2014

Posted April 27, 2014
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What ADA has called ‘the Unity’ is a time when its ability to affect one human mind will expand until it can, in essence, infect us all and use us to its ends.

What you have heard is the first step in the road to a hollow and ruined future for all of mankind.

If not the obliteration of all, it would represent the subjugation of the human spirit. It is the first step in the road to a future devoid of creativity, devoid of inspiration and devoid of joy.

This is the greatest fear of our Friends and it is my greatest fear.

It is the #Interitus .

It must be stopped.

+Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs
+Niantic Project
+Operation Essex

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Society for Ethical Treatment of AIs- SETAI purpose video insinuating euthanasia of all AIs.

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