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 =====Organization Overview===== =====Organization Overview=====
-In a [[https://​​+NianticProject/​posts/​g3oC7QPe3h7|May 19, 2015 Niantic Project post]], ​this document ​is shared and it mentions the Reason Foundation.+In a [[https://​​+NianticProject/​posts/​g3oC7QPe3h7|May 19, 2015 Niantic Project post]], ​A [[:​documents:​agenda|portion of a workshop listing]] ​is shared and it mentions the Reason Foundation ​(A. Doria may refer to a shipwreck). The document can be found in the Niantic Project Vol. 4, pg 207. 
 +  Conference Agenda Day Two * August 18 
 +  8:00 Continental Breakfast 
 +  9:00 Track 3: Dialtone Are we looking for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Wrong Place? 
 +  The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has been going on for decades and thus far we have yet to establish,  
 +  '​Dialtone';​ verifiable non-random signals or two-way sustained contact with with non-human intelligence. Unitl  
 +  now, the efforts of scientists and researchers have focused on electromagnetic signal detection using facilities  
 +  such as the Arecibo Radio Telescope, but are we looking in the wrong place? Prominent figures in the search for  
 +  '​Dialtone',​ Devra Bogdanovitch (Theoretical Life), Dr. Paul School (Cosmic Conversation),​ Dr. Edgar Wright (Poetry  
 +  of Unknown Origin) and Dr. Victor Kureze (The Quantum Dialer), share their thoughts on new frontiers in the  
 +  pursuit of communication from alternate intelligences in the universe. 
 +  Panel Sponsors: - The Reason Foundation - Dr. Ezekiel Calvin of the ADoria Institute
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