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This is an archived page of the Lore Overview


See the original lore overview page for the archived version

The purpose of this page will be to provide a general overview of the story. You can view detailed timelines here

Try a really, really short version of the Niantic Story here

The information here started as an overview created by Paul Gettle (radwolf76). It has since been expanded and added to by other agents.

The first indication of the Niantic Project came in July 2012 at the San Francisco ComicCon event when an artist named Tycho began trying to raise awareness of the Niantic Project. November 1, 2012 P. A. Chapeau began an Investigation Board to investigate something called the Niantic Project. Additional information was leaked through g+ character accounts, Facebook and Twitter accounts. As more information was shared, it was shown that the Niantic Project was a small piece in a larger picture. This lore overview outlines some of the larger picture.


Pre-Niantic Project

World War II and the cold war

During WW2 there was a nazi project called Die Glocke. Also referred to as the Wunderwaffe. After the war was over that research carried on. One example, Nigel Moyer and his team managed to synthesize XM then use it on crypto researchers increasing their abilities in the battle against the Soviets during the Cold War.

Waratah Symposium

An early meeting took place involving many, such as Dr. Edgar Wright. The focus of that meeting is uncertain at this time.

Project Whydah

In the 1990s, Project Whydah looked at ESP and related mystical phenomena as being driving potentially by a certain material, this material was later discovered to be Exotic Matter (XM).

P. A. Chapeau created a video with a brief overview of this project.

Corporate Cover Lab A662

A research project lead by Dr. Victor Kureze, this was the team that discovered and formalized the existence of Exotic Matter (XM).

The Niantic Project

The Beginning

The Niantic Project was initiated in 2012 by Dr. Calvin Ezekiel and the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), a branch of the US Government that supposedly had been closed. Dr. Calvin had been studying the effects of something known as Exotic Matter (XM) and related topics for years. He worked on Project Whydah and other projects all linked to the concept of XM. The powers in charge of the NIA, agree to Dr. Calvin's Project, The Niantic Project, as a means to study the Threats and Opportunities of something called a Shaper Mind Virus that may be caused/associated with XM. Calvin's team is to assess what XM is and to create potential XM constructs. A research team is assembled. Many of the Niantic Project members are called sensitives as they react to XM. It is revealed that Dr. Calvin may also be looking into something called 13Magnus

The Niantic Project Lab base was located at the CERN facility in Geneva, Switzerland, where unrelated scientific research into the Higgs-Boson would easily disguise their own covert activities.

As the researchers worked with XM at CERN, they also became inspired by it, as if the XM itself were teaching them how to build constructs such as resonators and XMP bursters, like the blueprints for these items were embedded in the ordered data of the XM itself. The inspiration provided by the XM also allows the team to make advances in other fields as well, such as the development of a Turing-Capable Artificial Intelligence named ADA.

It's when they develop a way to utilize the sensors and antennas on consumer grade mobile smartphones to supplement their satellite observation database of global XM concentration, as well as manipulate the XM at those portals into constructs that can be stored as compressed streams of data, that the timeline becomes slightly muddled.

The phone of one of the researchers, Dr. Devra Bogdanovich, ends up in the hands of a civilian (Ben Jackland) in San Francisco. NIA agents recover the hardware, but soon after, the scanner app is found to be leaked to the public (perhaps from a backup of the phone's data). The Niantic Project decides to leave the app out in the wild, as taking it down will draw attention to the project. Furthermore, the leak represents a flood of research data on portals around the world, as well as a vast reservoir of XM for the research team to experiment on (the XM collected by the app being transferred as compressed data to the Niantic servers at CERN).

However, the version of the app leaked to the public has training information on it on linking portals together to create control fields, as well as a cryptic message after those training missions that states that the app has been patched and offering a chance to join the Enlightenment. The message is in the voice of Roland Jarvis, a sculptor and XM Sensitive who is working for the Project. He is interrogated, but denies ever making those statements, and ADA voice stress analysis indicates that he believes those denials to be truthful.

Niantic Project researchers observe the fields being created, and note that they blanket whole populations with the same levels of XM that the researchers had been exposed to in the lab. Dr. Bogdanovich is horrified by this idea, believing it to be too dangerous and unpredictable, and tries to shut down the Niantic Project. Her concerns are overridden by the Operations Director's wishes though, as the research has shown that there are two different polarities of fields, and that they fear that the Shapers are behind the green polarity control fields laid down by the Enlightenment.

The Niantic Project finds themselves in a situation where they're powerless to stop the unfolding development. They don't know who leaked the app, or how the Enlightenment was able to patch it. If they shut down their intel servers and have the app taken down from the Play Store, they'll have no way to track how the Enlightenment is using the copies of the leaked app already out there, and attract attention to the project at the same time. So they do nothing but sit back and observe, trusting that the activities of the scanner agents who didn't flip the polarity of their device by choosing the Enlightenment patch, the blue polarity links and fields they lay down, will be enough to hold the green in check. And no matter which side is ahead, the activities of both send copious amounts of compressed XM data back to CERN for use in their experiments. As observed above, the arms maker is the true winner in any war.

Epiphany Night

NIantic Project experiments continue, leading up to the in-lab deployment of a new XM construct called a Power Cube. The deployment gets away from them, the Power Cube burning brightly with an unprecedented megadose of XM that blasts all the sensitives at the lab (Hank Johnson was not present as he had left to go on location for his television show, Nomad). This event is later referred to as Epiphany Night.

In the chaos that ensues during the Power Cube test, Jarvis and Dr. Bogdanovich make good on earlier plans to escape from Niantic's lab, the former alienated by the accusations of collaborating with the Shapers to patch the leaked field app, and the latter feeling that her concerns for the safety of the general public are being ignored without good cause.

A security team is sent to take care of Jarvis and Devra. Jarvis thinks he is meeting Devra in Zurich. INstead a woman named Katalena shows up and both are killed by the NIA. Devra escapes to Zagreb.

Here, however is where the timeline weirdness really starts. It's on this train ride to Zurich on the night of her Epiphany Night escape that Devra ditches her Niantic-supplied smartphone. This is the same smartphone that turns up a month earlier in San Francisco.

One can only presume some sort of time distortion caused by the mass release of XM during Epiphany Night. Other time related weirdness is that Jarvis's corpse appears to be frozen in time stasis at the moment of his death, preventing any sort of autopsy. A month later, his voice begins talking from portals, stating that he is not dead. Furthermore, the events of Epiphany Night and its fallout seem to be chronicled in an unfilmed movie script and an unpublished novel that are both years old.

Post-Epiphany Night

About a month after Roland's voice spoke through a portal to declare that he wasn't dead, an XM anomaly developed around Klue's native Scotland. Jarvis wanted to use the anomaly to deliver a message to the truth seeker, but the resistance was able to block his attempt, cutting the message short and possibly garbling it (and some claim, using the same mind control techniques employed by the Shapers). Those sympathetic to the Enlightenment believe they had extracted the true message, but Klue finds herself aligned with Resistance interests now.

Meanwhile the powers behind the Niantic Project find themselves increasingly out of control of the situation. They've got a dead sensitive who isn't exactly dead, one sensitive still on the loose and avoiding capture by NIA Field Assets, and the sensitives they still had on lockdown in the lab are all acting stranger and stranger, many showing sympathies to the cause of the Enlightenment.

One of those sensitives in lockdown, Misty Hannah, felt the ripples from Roland's XM anomaly in Scotland (and an earlier, smaller anomaly centered around Hank Johnson in Africa), and then began using her psychic abilities to generate an XM anomaly of her own, giving her the power needed to teleport from captivity in Switzerland to freedom in Texas. The Enlightened had a greater influence on this anomaly, so it is believed she at least owes the green side a favor. However, she tried more teleportation (referred to by XM researchers as hyperthreading) across Los Angeles, and the Resistance was able to thwart her plans.

Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, the researcher and sensitive responsible for the scanner app and the development of the XM constructs used by scanner agents (and suspected by others in the project to heavily be under Shaper influence) recently announced plans to release Power Cubes to the field as well as allowing higher level agents to recruit more agents, both decisions that were made without seeking the Operation director's approval first.

Project Closing

During the summer of 2013, the assorted Niantic Project participants either left or moved on to other ventures with the final researchers being removed through a series of events (detailed in the Felicia Hajre-Lee book, “Niantic Project: Level 8”.

Many of the participants began to work for one of three corporations: IQTech, Visur technologies or Hulong Transglobal with much of the story now taking place through those three companies as well as the other projects.


ADA is a system designed to find and study XM. She can run in several computers and has an innovative system called the machine learning core has she was to study something completely unknown . This tech came from DARPA. The members of the project had access to her 24/7 via intercoms , speakers and cameras placed everywhere. She also possessed time to become more human like to the point of passing the Turing test. This was for her interaction with staff to be more natural. With time has she learned she became more and more curious about humans making some members uncomfortable while others like Henry Bowles were marvelled at it. Due to the fears she became more reserved about her enquiries. Yet there was always the fear that she would become too curious and try to learn more about herself and her code. above all the learning core.

Rise of the Corporations

As members of the Niantic Project fled or moved on from the project, we begin to see the appearance of three major corporations: IQTech, Visur Technologies and Hulong TransGlobal. These companies had already appeared in the lore through connections to characters, especially Hank Johnson and Ezekiel Calvin.


Hulong Transglobal

Visur Technologies

The Glyph Arc

These events are all related to the mysterious glyphs. The events are in chronological order and not in the order the documents or information referring to it surfaced.

Jim Bowie (19th Century)

James "Jim" Bowie was a 19th Century American pioneer, famous mainly for his search for the lost San Saba mine , and for being a defender at the Alamo Battle, where he lost his life.
According to history he never found the mine, but this letter (part1) (part2) has surfaced recently , and it is believed to have been written a bit before the Alamo Battle in February 1836 and before his demise.

After great difficulty we located the storage room. It is rich with silver but the mine eluded me. I marked the room in such a way that no one else will stumble upon it anytime soon. I intend to go back to study it. It looked like much more than a mines. In fact it seemed to be the antechamber to an ancient underground town carved out by a civilisation far more advanced than any of the Indian we have put an eye to.They are up with the Egyptians or the Romans or perhaps even beyond our current state of advancement. I cannot get any serious work done out there until I have more rifles behind me. I got into a hot spot at a location I should not disclose but got away with my scalp. I am back on the trail again pursuing a motion I have about the Spanish Conquistadors and the mine. It has to do with the Padres. I reckon that they like me intended to return to retrieve their silver and hid all trace of the mine as I did with the storeroom. One of my more lettered partners called it the Treasury. If the Padres did as I did they made maps and left all manners of markers to find the lode again. They would have had no choice but to carry the maps to the nearest safe haven for safekeeping as their journey back to Mexico City would also be perilous. As it happens I have other business at the Mission San Antonio de Valero known commonly as the Alamo.

I have agreed to share command with Lt.Col. William Travis but to not get me started on that subject. When we are not fighting back Santa Anna and his horde I will be nosing around for those maps. If a stray bullet catches me or malady overtakes me before we speak again do with this what you please.


P.S. I have left a very interesting translation of a letter from an old Padre in safekeeping should Santa Anna prevail. You will fin it makes truth of many of the accounts heretofore described as tall tales and hokum.

The translation reveals that a padre escaping the Apaches has sent together with the letter some maps that lead back to a mine and, drawings of images in the stones of the mine made by the “Anazptec” , that according to him had a very strong spiritual effect in all those that saw them, to the point that is no longer sure if they are the work of the Devil or God.

HPL and REH (beginning of the 20th Century)

H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E Howard were both fiction, fantasy and horror writers that knew each other and would trade correspondence quite regulary, due to both writing to the magazine Weird Tales.

During Hank's research, some unknown letters resurfaced.
In them H and R swap information after R mentions he has found what he believes to be the Bowie Mine, and where he has also found some symbols. H does some research in the University about an old document that H is afraid as he believes it already driven someone mad from reading it. He also asks him when R plans to return to the mine.
R replied back mentioning his mother disease and that he is waiting for her recovery before following the tracks that there is more than just silver in the lost mine but also some symbols which might relate to the language mentioned in H "Necronomicon".
In H reply he reveals that there are indeed symbols based in Miskatonic documents in his work, that should be kept secret for now , as they seem to draw attention of unknown people . He then describes a visit from a group of man that called themselves researchers enquiring about those symbols. As H did not believe them to be so, he recommends R to disguise the symbols as part of his written fantasy work. At the bottom of his letter he adds the symbols
R then writes possibily his last letter, where he mentions in a bit illogical way how he has now waking nightmares, sees glyphs and is discovering new abilities.

Misty's symbols (2013)

During the show at the Magic Castle Misty gave Klue a set of symbols.

After the show she contacted Carrie Campbell about the symbols in hope she would know more about them.
Carrie would reply back saying that she thought the symbols could be related to what she thought was a form of communication in the XM.
To Klue 's question of whether she should send her copies of the symbols, Carrie tells her not to do it and, that she will find another way of getting them, as they are too dangerous to be just sent like that.

Later these symbols would be passed on to Susanna Moyer.

Hank Johnson and Carrie Campbell (2013)

Carrie first contacted Hank to inform him out the Crossplains anomaly and telling him he should go and investigate Robert E Howard connection to some strange glyphs. She also warned him to be careful as the glyphs might cause madness in some individuals or even destroy entire civilisations.
Hank would then carry on swapping messages with Carrie trying to disguise their conversation about what tied all the previous participants in the glyph story to avoid unwanted eyes. He would refer Jim Bowie as the father of the knife and her the mine as P. Lascaux, both ending up using a Encrypted online chat (translation), where San Saba and the Necronomicon are referred. He also mentions his plan to go over to Cross Plains, to investigate the life and discoveries of Robert E Howard.


Using his show as disguise Hank went to Crossplains, Texas to investigate Robert E Howards.
After arriving there he felt a very strong XM presence.He also claimed to have found some lost correspondence, that was related to what was happening.
He would also find an antechamber that he thought was the same found by Jim Bowie.

After the Ingressdays, he would find the first glyph in the floor behind the Robert E Howard's Museum.

After all this Hank would be chased by PMC's and stumble upon an hunting reserve while trying to escape. He eventually would manage to escape and made sure this information would reach Carrie.

Later news of a Hulong operational mysterious death came up, hinting that it was the result of his own failure.


This was an event that occurred in the 22nd of June in London, UK. In it Hank Johnson was supposedly meeting Carrie Campbell to deliver her a package.
Almost at the last minute, Hank Johnson sent Enlightened agents a message informing them that he would not make to London but he would send a courier named agent Boadicea and they should protect her and make sure the package was delivered.
At the same time Devra sent a document directed at Resistance agents urging them to intercept the same package and send copies of it's contents to her.

During the event in an IQ Tech post there was a request to photograph Carrie Campbell and the courier she was meeting. Visur on their side asked for photos of the courier only.

After the Enlightened victory Richard Walden together with other members of his team like Dom Armstrong and Sam Albuquerque, received the package.
After that the London Enlightened were offered several rewards by the 3 companies in exchange for the content of the package.(Hulong),(IQ Tech), (Visur).
After their refusal they tried different approaches (Hulong's tactic),(IQ Tech's tactic), (Visur's tactic), which failed.

Quickly after that the London members released a video were they supposedly destroyed the package and it's content. This was later revealed as a ruse and via two other videos (Video 1 Video 2) via hidden messages they demanded a rematch for Operation #saveklue where Klue had considered herself a part of Resistance. According to them they needed to free her. Thus a new Operation #saveklue (or known as #freeklue for the enlightened), happened in Portland. This was won by the Enlightened making that Klue's alignment would shift towards them.

After that Hank would publish a document affirming that his part of the bargain was done so he wanted now the glyphs to be delivered to Carrie in Hamburg.
Instead the London Enlightened in a bold move decided to deliver their part of the bargain, by releasing the glyphs into the public claiming that this way no one would have advantage over sole possession of them.

Also at the same time a letter from Klue to PAC would cause him to declare himself publicly as a member of the resistance

Carrie's Journal

Once again Hank and Carrie were suppose to meet this time in Hamburg but with the difference that Carrie was suppose to deliver something to Hank this time.
This was mainly initiated by a contact from Calvin asking Hank to protect Carrie as she heads the North of Europe with pages from her Vision Journal. He agrees in the condition of no interference and letting him decide the fate of the pages. IQ Tech is then informed of this and agrees, but takes measures in case things go wrong.
The 3 companies in general take similar attitudes towards this meetup and decide to wait to see what happens.
Once again at the last minute Hank could not go and sent a courier in his behalf.

This was the premise of #Voynich. Enlightened would win and Carrie Campbell would deliver them a package that contained the Vision Journal pages

13Magnus and Jarvis Resurrection Arc

These events are all related to the mysterious organisation/ event known as 13Magnus. The events are in chronological order and not in the order the documents or information surfaced.

More information on 13 Magnus can be found here

PAC leaves , X arrives

On the 1st of October PAC announced he would be leaving the investigation following the advice from Misty, specially after what happened to Carrie and the state of Klue. He said that a person he trusted would be replacing him over at G+, but the website would not be updated.
The following day someone going by the name of X posted in the Niantic project several accounts. Later it would be revealed that X had her own account under the name of Verity Seke.

The preparations for 13magnus

13 Magnus Event One

The locations and dates were later confirmed but still with no idea of who or what was behind it

In LA Devra and Hank meet up , as requested by ADA. Thomas Greanias says he will be present and during the day makes a post about someone unexpected being there as well. Later Joe posted a picture of Klue and Thomas mentions that she did not look herself and mentions KlADA (hinting that Klue might be actually be ADA.

Meanwhile in San Jose Catherine Fan made her appearance with a bodyguard.

Later the doc would be released. They would later announce the victory and a future Hulong tech for agents

Post 13Magnus Anomaly Event One and Arecibo Links

Thomas Greanias interviewed Hank Johnson and Devra Bogdanovich after the Santa Monica anomaly event. The interview further discusses the document ADA had wanted Hank and Devra to obtain in California. It is a paper they had to write 20 years ago when Devra was a graduate student studying at Arecibo for a SETI project under Dr. Paul School. Hank was visiting the area to do some research based on a grant from Calvin Ezekiel (see interview and this document]], meeting Devra. The two investigated a local cave and a local church.

13Magnus Anomaly event 3

Susanna Moyer reports start revealing at the end that Susanna might not be who she says and that she was trained by Ken Owen to do the Ingress Report.
Meanwhile |an email change about Project RedX is made between Antoine Smith and someone called Matt Peterson which seems to be about a device to handle Dark XM for Linton Wolfe.

Post Anomaly event 4

Enoch Dalby released his new work Redemption, where a message from Jarvis is heard (the full message is release a few days later). A bit after he released his work, Misty contacted him and they discussed a possible connection between visions both have had relating Carrie , portals and russian voices.
After the second wave of shards was released Oliver Lynton Wolfe organizes their moves with some agents. He messages someone asking for a number , but gets interrupted by a woman that says she wants to help him. After a while she just vanishes,and at the same time Susanna Moyer shows up revealing herself as the messenger. Susanna gives him the contact of 855 that was behind him and they both leave towards Buenos Aires thanks to Susanna.
Calvin contacted Devra to support her in her vaccination plan and to discuss about Hank's latest actions, involving both Nomad and his search for the Bowie papers.
After a normal report right before the 5th 13Magnus anomaly there is a sound of something crashing and Susanna screams out for help from ADA.
A day before the anomaly Jarvis body disappears from the CDC

Post Anomaly event 5

Ilya offers the possibility of Devra returning to Visur after her abrupt and unannounced departure .
The map that Hank was chasing about 13Magnus comes out

Anomaly Event 6 - Reckoning Day

Many things happened and were released during the 6th Event. Here are some of the observations and potential questions


  • What happened to Oliver Lynton-Wolfe in Buenos Aires and how did he get back to San Francisco
  • Susanna Moyer interview Oliver Lynton Wolfe. Seen at 1:31 in the live stream and isolated here.
  • Before the anomaly started OLW gave a speech to the agents
  • OLW makes reference to Susanna being NIA. OLW talks about dark XM and Susanna pushes regarding the risks of dark XM. OLW says we are at war. OLW mentions Niantic being filled with chaotic ore when it sunk. And OLW tells Moyer to ask her father about Buenos Aires.
  • X posted a general wrap-up post to gather our thoughts here

Hank Johnson's Nomad

Jarvis Appears at Cupid Span

  • A light and music display is set up at Cupid's Span. Enoch Dalby provided music mix.
  • At about 1:31 in the live stream, Cupid Span, “activates” and there is a flood of XM
  • We hear the Jarvis Manifesto
  • We see a series of glyphs with the meaning written
  • Oliver Lynton-Wolfe appears and warns the crowd
  • Roland Jarvis Appears (transcript of both OLW and Jarvis are available here)

Afterparty in San Francisco

  • Jarvis begins reading. At a point, Oliver Lyton Wolfe (OLW) begins saying the same and reading in unison with Jarvis. This was the panflet that they were reading from . (Thanks to Cayse Pollard for supplying us with this copy)

  • Some in the crowd also were to read the same as Jarvis and OLW
  • Susanna Moyer Meets Jarvis for a brief interview

Klue/ADA (klada) video message

  • At the very end of the streaming live Ingress Report, Klue appears.
  • Klada is against the shapers and calls to the resistance to rise up against shapers

+== Post 13Magnus ==+

+== KLADA ===+

Klue watches a sequence of glyphs broadcast by ADA. At the end of the video she appears to have undergone some agitation or mental distress.

In LA Devra and Hank meet up , as requested by ADA. Thomas Greanias says he will be present and during the day makes a post about someone unexpected being there as well. Later Joe posted a picture of Klue and Thomas mentions that she did not look herself and mentions KlADA (hinting that Klue might be actually be ADA.

A chat between Devra, Hank and ADA was released regarding the Arecibo Document. ADA says she will meet with them in Santa Monica. A video recording Hank, Devra and Klue meeting was released by X on Oct. 16, 2013.

Confirmation that Klue and ADA have been linked in some way comes through a Nov 8, 2013 post made by X regarding a leaked NIA recording of a conversation between ADA and Klue that includes the comment by Klue, “I am still you and you are still me.”

X refers to Klue as a peripheral in a Nov. 11, 2013 post with a leaked chat between ADA and KLUE. This confirms that ADA and Klue are linked.

+=== Recursion ===+
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