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Operation Essex Resources

A collection of resources shared by members of the Operation Essex g+ group direct g+ link

1. Niantic Project( G+ Account is the center of the Investigation. Every couple of days, new intel will leak regarding the status of individuals and corporations and secret societies that play a role in the world of XM. The person currently running the account is Verity Seke(

2. H. Richard Loeb( -the former Operator of the Niantic Project G+ Account and the originator of the website Left the Investigation in Oct. 2013 to go off the grid and clear his mind on matters. Has since returned and presents to other Investigators questions regarding the current status of the situation at hand.

3. Edgar Allan Wright -The creator of Operation Essex (, a community where Investigators and Truthseekers work together to uncover the mysteries of the Niantic Project and the world around us. Used to be a professor at some university and also possessed some sort of relationship with Devra, who holds him in some negative regard. Has memory problems and his messages, while cryptic, hold much value in terms when deciphered and understood.

4. Hank Johnson( -XM Resarcher, Sensitive(this means that he is uniquely sensitive to the flow of XM. Many individuals in the world of Niantic fall in this category). Former Special Operations soldier and now a historian, trying to catalog and record the effects of XM throughout time and their impact on humanity. At one point, was known to be a 'simulacrum' or a XM construct of the real Johnson, who was killed in Afghanistan two years ago and resurrected through an unusual process only known by a secret society who refers to themselves as 13MAGNUS. Currently has regained his humanity and is now on an opposing path with the Anti-MAGNUS.

4. Devra Bogdanovich( Scientist, Researcher, Sensitive. Former lead scientist on the Niantic Project. Currently trapped in the Portal Network following the re-assembly of her Shards during the Shonin Anomaly Series.

5. enoch dalby(, Sensitive.

6. Stein Lightman( Researcher, Sensitive. Currently the leading expert on Shaper Glyphs. Currently in the Portal Network after re-assembly of his Shards during Persepolis.

7. Yuri Alaric Nagassa( Researcher, Sensitive. Currently in unknown whereabouts.

8. Martin Schubert( Researcher, Sensitive. Currently in unknown whereabouts.

9. Misty Hannah( Researcher, Sensitive, Stage Magician.

10. Susanna Moyer( Sensitive, Host of the Ingress Report.

11. Sarita Hays( host of the Ingress Report. Doesn't pop around much. Hoping she does sometime soon.

12. Thomas Greanias ( alongside Hank Johnson as an author to publish his adventures. Has a novella called the Alignment: Ingress.

13. Felicia Hajra-Lee( Sensitive. Author of the Niantic Project: Ingress Novella, the Level 8 Novella and author of the Exotic Matters blog.

14. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe( Researcher, Sensitive. Creator of the Ingress Scanner.

15. Roland Jarvis( Sensitive. former Leader of the Enlightened. Currently deceased.

16. Klue S.( Sensitive. Former vessel for ADA. Current whereabouts unknown. Only Investigator to have been both Enlightened and Resistance.

17. IQTech Research( Corporation, Based in the USA.

18. Visur Technology( Corporation, Based in Russia?

19. Hulong Transglobal( Corporation, Based in China.

20. A Detection Algorithm( sentient artificial intelligence developed by the Niantic Project, she has since then grown and evolved far beyond that. Is currently aligned with the N'zeer.

21. Carrie Campbell( Sensitive, language expert. Original pioneer of Shaper Glyph Research. Currently deceased.

22. Tycho C.( comic book artist. Is known to be able to simulate the art styles of other artists. Was at Comic-Con in 2012, releasing a series of posters that acted as the window into the world of the Niantic Project and XM. Currently working on an upcoming novel entitled Ingress: Origins, ETA: September 30th, 2015.

23. Paul School( of Devra's former mentors during her research with +Hank Johnson in Arecibo. Had punished the two of them after a incident in which they had explored a church in the area related to 13MAGNUS. Current whereabouts unknown. Devra had contacted him after Shonin, Hank had followed while he was travelling to Persepolis.

24. Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs( A organization established by Roland Jarvis during Recursion. Their goal is to attempt to neutralize all forms of AI.

25. Hubert Farlowe( He was one of the NIA cleaners sent to kill Roland Jarvis and Devra Bogdanovich in Zurich. As he is examining the bodies, a green glow surrounds him and leaves him disoriented. He is sent by Jay Phillips to find Devra and finish the job. Hubert tracks Devra to Zagreb. He encounters Devra and Agent 855, a hired assassin, to the Skocjan Caves. He is shot by 855 during a gunfight and left in the cave. He managed to survive and is referred to as an 'XM construct', possibly similar to Roland Jarvis or Hank Johnson.

Outside the G+ pages, there also exists the treasure trove of information compiled by +Simon Green(wonderful job in doing so, btw!):

Ingress Year One, part one

Ingress Year One, part two

INGRESS REPORT | YEAR TWO - The Investigation (I)

INGRESS REPORT | YEAR TWO - The Investigation (II)

Part of Ingress started with the investigator board. There are two volumes consolidating this information helping truthseekers down the rabbit hole.

And finally there is the series of comics: Epiphany Night / Escape from Niantic / The Niantic Pursuit illustrated by Tycho

And, for even more information, there exists the Niantic Project Wiki, which has remained a powerful resource for information:

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