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Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe - Detailed Dossier

Exerpt from Who's Who of Ingress #WWoIngress

Dr. Lynton-Wolfe was one of the researchers on the Niantic Project. He is the creator of the XM scanner device, power cubes and xm weaponry and discovered how to form portals, links and fields out of raw XM. See the Arms Maker His accomplishments in the study of XM has lead some to call him both a genius and dangerous. See The Green Ones

His hypercube experiment caused the events of Ephiphany night which caused the entire project except for Hank Johnson to be exposed to high levels of XM. Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's inventions in the field of XM increased prodigiously after this event. When the Niantic Project was shut down by Director Ni, Oliver went with Dr. Ezekiel Calvin to IQTech Research. Leaked conversation indicate that Dr. Calvin believed that he could temper Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's wilder tendencies in his fascination with XM and retained sympathy for Dr. Lynton-Wolfe even after his later betrayal.

Prior to the events of Epiphany Night, Roland Jarvis and Dr. Lynton-Wolfe appear to have been friends. See Dead man This friendship helped Jarvis entice Dr. Lynton-Wolfe into abandoning IQTech Research during the events of Operation:Cassandra. However, when the Enlightened failed to win at Washington D.C. Jarvis appeared to turn on Dr. Lynton-Wolfe and attack him. The attack seemed to futher destabilize Dr. Lynton-Wolfe who fled to the protection of Hulong Transglobal and Catherine Fan.

Dr. Lynton-Wolfe did not resurface again until Operation 13Magnus when he developed a Chaotic Matter weapon in Bangkok, Thailand. He fired this weapon on Jarvis when the latter went after him, but failed to kill the entity. The attack shattered Jarvis into 13 shards which became the basis of a global hunt by Enlightened and Resistance forces.

Current Status (last updated Nov. 25 2013)

Dr. Lynton-Wolfe aligned himself with the Resistance in a bid to overthrow Jarvis and take his place as leader of the Enlightened. So far he has been able to deliver a set of four RedX phones to the Resistance however the full capability of these devices is not yet known. For now it appears that the backwards messages from Jarvis have been appearing the voicemail boxes of these phones.

While analysis by Hulong Transglobal and behavior at public appearances have led many to believe that he is mentally unstable, Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's inventions and successes in the field of XM prove that he is still a potent force in the world of Ingress regardless of outcome of his bid for leader of the Enlightened.

Reference files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Eureka Dr.Lynton-Wolfe's discovery Dr. Lynton-Wolfe discovers how to contain XM and plans to build a power cube25 November 2012
The Arms Maker Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's intial study on XMDirector Ni requests that Drs. Calvin and Lynton-Wolfe make XM weaponry 21 January 2013
Deadman Jarvis reconnects with Dr. Lynton-Wolfe Jarvis contacts Dr. Lynton-Wolfe and convinces him of his plan for Cassandra 5 August 2013
Lynton-Wolfe Dr. Lynton-Wolfe leaves IQTech Lorazon and Dr. Calvin discuss Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's sudden dissappearance with IQTech's cache of XM weapons 16 August 2013
Misguided Fools Dr. Lynton-Wolfe turns against Jarvis A video file is found after the Enlightened's loss at Washington D.C. during Cassandra 21 August 2013
Traitor (Alive) Dr. Calvin's reaction to betrayal Dr. Calvin decides against issuing a kill order for Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's betrayal 1 September 2013
Threat Jarvis appears to attack Dr. Lynton-Wolfe After the completion of Cassandra, Tycho releases a poster that appears to show Jarvis attacking Dr. Lynton Wolfe in Washington D.C. 4 September 2013
Unstable Dr Wolfe mental analysis This was the psychological analysis made after he joined Hulong 6 October 2013
RedXAn email change about Project RedX Antoine Smith contacts someone called Matt Peterson about a device to handle Dark XM for Wolfe 9 November 2013

Additional Information

He is played by the actor Yuri Lowenthal

Participation in #Cassandra

Dr Lynton-Wolfe was seen at #Cassandra in Washington DC arming the Enlightened forces as it had been reported in the Ingress Report Special.
Here is some photographic evidence of that

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

According to some players he was giving out powerful mods like Jarvis Virus and Ultra Strike in order to assist Enlightened players.

After the event and he had announced the Resistance victory according to players Dr. Wolfe said he had to go back and break some bad news after their win.

Participation in #13Magnus

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