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First Mention

The first mention of the N'Zeer comes from Hank Johnson.

This post appeared from Hank Johnson on Oct. 9, 2014.

I am no longer with Calvin, IQTech or the military.

I left that facility and am out on my own.

I have to be careful not to give out my location, so I’ll be delaying entries by a couple of days, should help keep me safe.

Suffice to say that I am in search of what I believe to be the only surviving manuscripts describing a mysterious force, possibly related to the Shapers in some way.

Nearly everything about them has been completely erased from mythology, history, literature… everything.

(The images is a page from one of the books I've been reading as I travel this path. It reminded me of the idea of erasing history. Things don't disappear entirely… the details are lost, but there's always a trace. Tiny threads I'm hoping I can use to try and put things back together.)

Along with the following image.

On Oct. 10th, Hank followed with this post; it was the first time the name N'Zeer was mentioned.

That mysterious force that’s been wiped clean from history and myth has a name: The N’zeer.

I believe that the eradication of all memories of the N’zeer was one of 13MAGNUS’s most important missions, but I’m not yet sure why.

I believe that learning more about them will unlock a revelation about the greater nature of the Universe, the Portals and the Shapers.

This is going to be a very dangerous journey, because I may be hunted by 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus alike.

All fear the revelation of this buried secret for their own reasons, but mankind needs to know the truth.

Along with the following image.

Hank Johnson left breadcrumbs, short messages, in the portal network to help him remember what he was tracking. Many of these breadcrumbs mention or deal with N'Zeer aspects.

Who Were the N'Zeer

Recovered near British Museum, London - posted by Hank October 14, 2013


Who were the N'Zeer and why did someonbody go to so much effort to eliminate all reference to them across the globe?

It is my suspicion that this was one of the true missions of 13Magnus during their period of ascension and that the N'Zeer are somehow associated with the shadowy organization we call 'Anti-Magnus'

Ezekiel Calvin and the N'Zeer

A document was leaked December 17, 2014 of a conversation between Calvin and Azmati talking about the coming of the N'Zeer and the role of 13Magnus and Anti-Magnus. detailed dossier

Additional posts

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