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March 2, 2014

March 2, 2014


I watched the video like all of +Hank Johnson's friends did and I would like to say I was shocked, but it seems I saw that headdress in my visions and the cave. I feel Hank as both a presence and an absence. There has been no contact.

Important Comments

Duarte Peralta

 +Misty Hannah any comments on the theory from +Operation Essex that the +Hank Johnson we have been seeing from the beginning is an XM construct, revived from the attack at the nest just like Jarvis?

Daniel Benton

 +Misty Hannah Does it bear any similarities to the way Jarvis felt as a presence, either before or after his "resurrection"?

JoJo Stratton

 +Misty Hannah  Is what you feel the same thing +Stein Lightman talked to you about in this conversation?   {{}}

Jose Ramirez

 Glad to hear your thoughts on this +Misty Hannah. I wonder what feeling Jarvis gave you before his 'resurrection'? I wonder if there is a connection to Hank's current state.

Misty Hannah

Excellent questions about Jarvis.  I hadn't thought about it before.  Bear in mind that on Epiphany Night until the Teleportalling, I was in an extremely XM filled environment and under a great deal of stress as I learned to teleport.  I don't remember feeling Jarvis as an absence.  The best way I can describe him at the time is as an ambient one way presence.  Like  a television playing in a bar.  I could hear him, but I could not communicate with him.
+JoJo Stratton I kind of wince as I re-read that letter.  Those were tense times. Nobody was having their best day.  I like Stein, just not that way.  His work with glyphs has been vital to understanding the nature of Shaper influence.


Additional Information

Wahid Mahar G+ Post- Wahid Mahar discovers a lost cassette from Nomad, Hank Johnson's reality show.

Hank Johnson is Dead-Video that shows the camera man discovering a body that appears to be Hank Johnson.

Hiding Behind Facades (Don't lie)- Document referenced by JoJo Stratton in which Misty and Stein talk about feeling the presence of Jarvis return shortly after his death.

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