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August 7, 2014


As predicted, the new iteration of the Portal Virus was activated earlier today, increasing Portal decay rates to a mere four days (96 hours).

However, a far more mysterious development also emerged just moments ago…

It seems that a group of Portals in Europe, previously identified by the NIA as a High-Risk Portal Array due to the presence of a new and unknown Shaper signal, may be involved somehow in revealing the truth about the #Helios Artifacts.

The details are unclear, but it appears that each of the Portals in this group may, when accessed via the +Ingress Scanner technology, yield the locations of either the Target Portals themselves or the first group of XM Artifacts, all of which are expected to manifest in less than one week.

From what I can gather, this information will be extremely fleeting, available only to the first few Agents who hack these Portals.

I hope, for all our sakes, that you are able to obtain this information and share it for further research before it is lost.


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