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-====== Joanna Brandt - Detailed Dossier ====== 
-\\ \\ \\  
-===== Reference Files ===== 
-^ File/Clue Name ^ Key Concepts ^ Information from File/Clue ^ Date Presented ^  
-| [[http://​​id=sc518a|Ingress Report: Ep. 4]] | Dr. Brandt debates with [[http://​​investigation:​characters#​victor_kureze | Dr. Kureze]] ​ | At [[http://​​S3zgb6dujks?​t=1m10s | 1:10]], Dr. Brandt and Dr. Kureze discuss the benefits and dangers of XM. Dr. Kureze believes that XM will be "what fire was to the caveman,"​ while Dr. Brandt points out that fire is also destructive,​ and calls for the Niantic Project to release its findings to the scientific community for analysis. | April 18, 2013 | 
-|[[http://​​id=sc524a|Whistleblower]]| Dr. Brandt'​s position on Niantic | Dr. Joanna Brandt, of Hollis & Brandt Psychological Consulting in San Francisco, CA, appeals to Congressman Robert Dasher to close the Niantic Project on ethical grounds. | April 24, 2013 | 
-|[[investigation:​documents:​chatlogs?&#​brandt_001|Brandt 001]]|A letter from Brandt, that includes a transcript of a conversation of ADA and Katalena|Brandt writes to Mr Vero about her worries with ADA and how dangerous she can be now and includes a transcript of a conversation between ADA and Katalena to prove it|1 January 2014| 
-|[[investigation:​documents:​chatlogs#​in_diamonds|In Diamonds]]|A transcript of a conversation of ADA and Katalena|A Female voice (potentially ADA) has deposited money in any account for Katalena and wants her to clean her system to become a surrogate|8 January 2014| 
-===== Additional Information =====  
-Played by actress [[http://​​name/​nm1297428|Tara Platt]] 
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