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Hubert Farlowe April 3, 2014


Back on US soil…And so it starts

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA, United States

Important Comments

Yik Sheng Lee

  +Hubert Farlowe, why did you feel you need to protect +Devra Bogdanovich after intersecting with Jarvis? 
  Do you have a cycle period like +Hank Johnson? Do you now understand your nature better?

Hubert Farlowe

  +Yik Sheng Lee its what I do...protect people.I have no cycle period as I'm not a similacrum,I just have
  blank spots and end up in strange places.I do understand myself better now and have made peace with most of 
  my past.I just need to finish my job so I can rest.

David Timothy

 +Hubert Farlowe if I can ask, what is your job right now?

Hubert Farlowe

 +David Timothy I have found things I need answers to

Yik Sheng Lee

 +Hubert Farlowe , but your initial order was to kill +Devra Bogdanovich. What made you change your mind? You 
 did die at Martel's Chamber right? What are you now?

Hubert Farlowe

 +Yik Sheng Lee my initial orders were to watch and protect the Niantic project....what Phillips and I were 
 doing is still something I'm working on.

JoJo Stratton

 +Hubert Farlowe wait, what you were doing is something you ware working on... do you mean working on as in 
 continuing to physically do something or working on as in processing it to understand the morality behind 
 your old job?

Hubert Farlowe

 +JoJo Stratton sort of the why things happen and chain of events they cause.    


Hidden Information

Additional Information

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