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Hubert Farlowe April 30, 2014


This area has a strong attraction.

Important Comments

Jojo Stratton

  Oh... +Brent Werlein oh huh hmmm Jarvis time wonky... need to look more. Hey +Joe Philley plane expert and +Edgar Allan Wright time expert, thoughts on this.....

Joe Philley

 +JoJo Stratton Lots of projects out of EDAFB and lots of stories...If I wanted to hide one I'd say it was never made.Never made no history.

Jojo Stratton

 +Joe Philley was this one using a new kinda engine, a new kinda energy source, maybe something, well, you know, all XM-y like :)

Joe Philley

 +JoJo Stratton oh I know it well my Dad flew out of there at one time and we lived near by

Jojo Stratton

 Did you get caught by the same real estate scheme as Roland's family? LOL

Joe Philley

 +JoJo Stratton lucky for us no we were only here for 6 months

Joe Philley

 +JoJo Stratton I can't say anything about my past work and My Dad's an Ex Spook so who want talk either 

Brent Werlein

 +Joe Philley or +Hubert Farlowe Is that the location of the XF-103 Crash site?

Hubert Farlowe

 +Brent Werlein yes that is the site           



California City, California USA Roland Jarvis's Childhood home

Hidden Information

Additional Information

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