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Henry "Hank" Johnson - Detailed Dossier

Dr. Henry “Hank” Johnson (Henry Holland Johnson of birth name) is  the star of the archeology based reality series, NOMAD, a former soldier, a scientist and  an XM Sensitive His unique skills with XM brought him to the Niantic Project in order to study his sensitivity.

Recent News

Hank Johnson announced that he will be going to Phoenix, Arizona on December 7th to film his next episode of NOMAD on the Hohokam people. The Visur report indicates that he is searching for clues to an ancient 13Magnus stronghold.

Relationship to Ezekiel Calvin

Earlier in his academic career, Hank Johnson attracted the attention of Dr. Ezekiel Calvin for his research on the ancient secret society known as 13Magnus.

The sponsorship of Dr. Calvin and his associates allowed Hank to explore the connections between XM, glyphs and the influence on different civilizations. His reality show NOMAD, often served as a cover for his research in less welcoming locations. Hank's research led him to various Anomalies around the world including Peshawar, Afghanistan, the Caddo ruins in Crossplains, Texas and the Cahokia mounds which also was the subject of his thesis. His fascination with the Cahokia Mounds in particular would ultimately lead him to side with the Enlightened faction.

Hank Johnson's special relationship with Dr. Calvin and the usefulness of his NOMAD trips may have been influential in being granted special leave from the project to film his reality show. Due to his frequent absences, he was not exposed to the massive XM surge on Epiphany night.

Hank has continued to maintain contact with Dr. Calvin after the close of the Niantic Project, performing various jobs that are only occasionally revealed. (see Ingress: Level 8 and The Alignment Ingress)

Relationship with Devra Bogdanovich

Dr. Johnson's research also led him to the Arecibo Conservatory in Puerto Rico where he met and started a  romantic relationship with a younger Devra Bogdanovich. Together, they published a paper on a series of glyphs that resurfaced years later during 13Magnus.

He would encounter Devra again at the Niantic Project before she made her escape to Visur Technology. Their relationship would messily when Hank discovered that Devra had Visur spy on him during a secret meeting. (see

When they met again at 13Magnus: Los Angeles, he greeted her coldly and left stating that he didn't trust anyone anymore.

Reference Files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
An Ancient Power Spot (thesis)Thesis from Hank about Cahokia MoundsThis thesis was written in 1995 for his Bachelor, and may be his first contact with XM locations 27 January 2013
NOMAD Trailer for NOMAD The trailer for Hank Johnson's reality show about archaeology around the world 02 Feb 2013
StatesideHank talks to Boadicea in an attempt to understand the actions of Carrie Campbell.27 July 2013
Hank/Devra NYC 1 of 3 Spy video of Hank and Devra A secret meeting discussing Dark XM and Visur's human experiments with XM 10 Sep 2013
Hank/Devra NYC 2 of 3 Spy video of Hank and Devra A secret meeting discussing Dark XM and Visur's human experiments with XM 11 Sep 2013
Hank/Devra NYC 3 of 3 Spy video of Hank and Devra A secret meeting discussing Dark XM and Visur's human experiments with XM 12 Sep 2013
Undemarcated Letters between Hank Johnson and Dr. Calvin A series of discussing Hank's research into 13Magnus and Dr. Calvin's subsequent offer of funding18 Oct 2013
ExpectansStatus report from Hank to the agentsHank explains what he found in the Arecibo and what are is plans relating to 13Magnus6 December 2013
13Magnus - Phoenix LiveLive broadcast made with several agentsDuring the broadcast Hank was interviewed and some question were made to and by Susanna7 December 2013
ExpeditioMap about 13MagnusHank was chasing this map to discover 13Magnus stronghold 11 December 2013
Nomad - 13MagnusHank tries to reveal the truth about 13MagnusHank goes in search of the 13Magnus stronghold in the far East , but when getting there something attacks him16 December 2013
Nomad BerlinHank goes to GermanyHank joined agents in a cross faction meeting in Berlin.21 December 2013
SomehowHank letter about his first contacts with XM and a mention to Carrie 4 January 2014
Video Diary revealedHank Johnson video-diary recovered. What is happening to him?24 January 2014
HankWhat secrets does the video-diary contain?25 January 2014
Change of AdressHank Johnson: Watch your back…An official kill order for codename “Viator” AKA Hank Johnson.3 February 2014
The shaper Key - First 5 pagesThomasGreanias reveals new work in memoriam of Hank Johnson This begins the tale of Hank in Crossplains4 March 2014
The shaper key - second setThomasGreanias shares more of Hank Johnson's story from Cross Plains.In this piece the giant glyph shows up and what effects it had in Hank5 March 2014
The Shaper Key - Third SetThomas Greanias reveals more of his recent work with the late Hank Johnson7 March 2014
Hank Johnson: The Secret Revealed - Part IHank Johnson is dead. Hank Johnson is alive. Perhaps both statements are true.Hank meets Azmati to discuss what Hank Johnson is. He then reveals he is a simulacrum8 March 2014

Additional Information

Played by actor Christopher Corey Smith

Hidden Info
In his cover photo in the description fhjdxddchxadidxfghhdhid

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