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 +==== Interview ====
-{{tag>​Hank_Johnson}}+At one point [[https://​​u/​0/​+JessRunowski/​posts|Jess Runowski]] managed to get an interview with Hank. Here is what he shared with the Essex community 
 +  Dear Agents of Essex, 
 +  Just before the Boulder Recursion Anomaly, I was asked if I was willing if I would be willing to ask Hank 
 +  Johnson some questions...if he made an appearance. 
 +  As I’m sure you all know by now, Hank did visit us in Boulder. I had a chance to talk with him at the after 
 +  party, but because of dispatch responsibilities,​ I am just now getting the chance to write up his answers. 
 +  Q: How far back do you remember in this simulacrum?​ 
 +  A: Everything back to the foray into the cave and being shot is kind of spotty, as well as my recovery. ​  
 +  Everything since then (Nomad, Devra, Mazz) is intact. My long term memory seems to be good but short term is 
 +  questionable. I know that I will lose everything if this simulacrum runs out. 
 +  Q: What will you do after Recursion ends? Will you try to find another way to break the cycle? 
 +  A: If Recursion does not end in my favor, I will OF COURSE try to break the cycle! I hope the Shapers have 
 +  another plan, but if they don’t, I will seek my own. 
 +  Q: Do you know what ADA wants to do with the Artifacts?​ 
 +  A: I think ADA will enslave mankind in service, but I have not spoken to her so I don’t know for sure. 
 +  Q: How right do you think the Ancient Egyptians were? (i.e. keeping the body intact, painting prayers/​glyphs on 
 +  the body, etc.) 
 +  A: I believe the Egyptians were partially right, but I feel that what they did to “preserve” the bodies  
 +  hindered the process of rebirth. 
 +  Q: Do you remember when you went to get Jarvis’ body from Hazdata? (Or did he make notes about it that he has  
 +  recently consulted?) If so, what was the glyph drawn on the forehead? 
 +  A: I do remember the incident but I did not make notes. I plan to make notes for the “next” me should I need  
 +  to. I do not know the glyph. 
 +  Q: Do you trust Devra? Do you think something happened to Devra that is affecting her? Did you and Devra ever  
 +  find additional glyphs or information similar to arecibo? 
 +  A: I mostly trust Devra. I absolutely think something happened to her, but it is not necessarily affecting her  
 +  in a bad way...XM affects everyone. No additional glyphs or information have been found since the initial dig. 
 +  Q: Where is one place in the world that you would like to visit? Or, where is the best place in the world to  
 +  visit? 
 +  A: Definitely Machu Picchu - for XM and for vacation.  
 +  Q: Will you join Essex? 
 +  A: I will join Essex in spirit. 
 +  Q: Why only in spirit? 
 +  A: I am commitment phobic. 
 +  I hope this information is helpful to you all. Thank you for being patient with me as far as getting these  
 +  answers to you. Sorry for the delay! 
 +  Jess (Agent dispatchderp) 
 +{{tag>​Hank_Johnson ​characters}}
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