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Hank - October 20, 2014


It’s amusing to me that Zeke has turned to the aid of a CIA Agent to try and find me, at least that is what I draw from hearing about the intel that emerged from Huntington Beach.

It’s equally possible that Calvin was trying to figure out what they knew, giving just enough to test the water. That would be more like him.

As always, it’s worth wondering: Why was this conversation leaked? Who intercepted it? Omnivore’s controlled by the NIA. ADA has never actively supported my investigations in the past, and most would agree, her motives always appear to be narrowly self-serving. Perhaps this time… unlikely but possible.

When I see stuff like this image (redacted by me to remove any information that could be used to reveal my location) in my inbox from an anonymous sender, I have to wonder: Who shared this with me and why. Why do they want to help me stay one step ahead of my pursuers?

Conspiring for my success…

I’ve had a feeling for a long time that there is a hidden element lurking inside of ADA. Is it a part of +Klue S. that remains? The part that drew her to Scotland to discover something she felt but could not see? Is it something else… something hiding in plain sight.


Hidden Information

Hidden Info
QR hidden in the black bars
Rebuilding it and reading it gives b8yl8pvl8770y00zcr66yy9ubopcb8yl8p3o1xly0800449009rx19yq9rx10xq03r9y32c9y7b00cq1qlfy9yl8r00fv20m

swap numbers and letters and vice versa (a=1)

Reverse first 8 and last 8

Additional Information

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