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-====== Henry Bowles - Detailed Dossier ======+ 
 +{{ :​investigation:​characters:​henry-bowles-origins.jpg?​nolink&​100|}}====== Henry Bowles - Detailed Dossier ====== 
 +Bowles was [[investigation:​characters:​ada|ADA]]'​s lead developer and helped modify the [[investigation:​characters:​omnivore|Omnivore]] codebase for Niantic'​s needs.
 {{tag>​Henry_Bowles}} {{tag>​Henry_Bowles}}
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 ^ File/Clue Name ^ Key Concepts ^ Information from File/Clue ^ Date Presented ^  ^ File/Clue Name ^ Key Concepts ^ Information from File/Clue ^ Date Presented ^ 
-|[[link|File name]]| filler text filler text Date|  ​+|[[https://​​books?​id=fIEXAgAAQBAJ&​lpg=PT40&​ots=I28G8qIoAr&​dq=bowles%20ingress&​pg=PT40#​v=onepage&​q=bowles%20ingress&​f=falselink|Ingress: Level 8 
 +By Felicia Hajra-Lee]]| Bowles Disconnected from ADA The NIA were fearful that Bowles might help ADA avoid containment so he was isolated without any electronic devices or internet access. ​2013-11-18 ​|  ​
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 {{tag>​Henry_Bowles}} {{tag>​Henry_Bowles}}
-When mailing him you would get this auto reply +When sending an e-mail to [[]] one would receive ​this auto-reply:
 <WRAP center round box 80%> <WRAP center round box 80%>
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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-This lasted until 7 of July at least (latest attempt know). As from 4th of November ​at least there is no more autoreply. \\ +The last known auto-response was recieved on the 7th of July, while as of the 4th of November ​it appears to be disabled. \\ 
 \\  \\ 
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