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Truthseeker Log 2/26/2014

Posted February 26, 2014
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TRUTHSEEKER LOG: February 2014

While I have been off the grid, I have not been idle. I needed disconnection to be able to form a more complete picture of what has gone before with the Niantic Investigation in an effort to project what is to come. My continued thanks to the Investigators who have constructed a magnificent Wiki.

Relevant to today, Dr. Joanna Brandt has a long and tortured history with the Niantic Project.

We first met her as the working partner of Antonin Hollis. Remember who he was? Roland Jarvis' Psychiatrist. She was his partner. He died under mysterious circumstances (suicide? – When we next saw her, it was on the Ingress Report debating with Dr. Victor Kureze days before his untimely death as the Niantic Project was shut down ( and We know that at some point she developed relationships in Washington with Congressman Robert Dasher and was able to have Hazdata deployed to the Niantic Facility. Seems like where Joanna Brandt travels, corpses soon follow. And I put one other question forward to you… What was her real agenda with the Niantic Shutdown? What came of it? What does Dr. Joanna Brandt really want?

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