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August 16, 2014


JARVIS WARNS OF DANGER AS HELIOS ARTIFACTS EMERGE And I’m inclined to believe him. You heard me right. I might have leaned Resistance in the past, but I’m back to where I started. Truthseeker. And you have to look for truth everywhere – even Roland Jarvis. (By the way, what’s going on with him? I’m hearing rumors. So here’s where we are. We’ve got a Consortium and Arifacts. Consortium of who? Artifacts from what? Some thoughts: Think back almost a year. The same day (date?). Carrie Campbell makes the sacrifice and Klue stares into the glyphs and changes forever (forever? Will it be forever?) And what of the Shapers? What do they want? Were they protecting us from ourselves? And what of Ada? At this point, what is the difference between her and a Shaper? And you’re hearing this from the guy who coded her.


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