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 [[https://​​u/​0/​+HRichardLoeb/​posts/​FMLKMpuXiNT|Original Link]]\\ [[https://​​u/​0/​+HRichardLoeb/​posts/​FMLKMpuXiNT|Original Link]]\\
 ===== Transcript ===== ===== Transcript =====
 +  Excellent question about 'who are the dead?' ​ I can't answer that right now, but I am trying to find out..  I
 +  must confess that one of the reasons I became interested in Artificial Intelligence was to create a kind of 
 +  immortality. ​ I could never have predicted what would happen with it and Ada's disturbing plan or the 
 +  corruption of one as brilliant and innocent as Klue. We didn't know anything about Glyphs or XM or any of the
 +  things that are becoming so evident now.  What is coming next?  I don't know.  But I am a truthseeker,​ and I 
 +  can seek the truth in the future as well as the past. I do know that I do not want my brain coopted by an 
 +  artificial intelligence I helped create.
 ---- ----
 ===== Analysis ===== ===== Analysis =====
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