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August 9, 2014


I sat down to review some of the footage from my last meeting with +Carrie Campbell in Chicago last year. It
was more to honor her memory than anything else, but I noticed something I had failed to last year.

As I was waiting for Carrie to arrive, in the background, it appeared as though she may have dropped or hidden
a small object or something similar before she approached me?

I don't know.... I immediately contacted a trusted source in Chicago and sent him to the area.

He scoured the location but could find nothing. Perhaps there was nothing to find...

But just in case, Investigators in the area, I would appreciate if you could keep your eyes open. 

If Carrie did indeed leave something, it could potentially be tremendously valuable. A gift from the past.

This is the location that she seemed to hover near in the video. My source in the area sent this photo to me
earlier today.


This hinted players about the presence of a dead drop at this location n Chicago

Hidden Info

None found

Additional Information

A few minutes after this post a player posted his finding in this spot

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