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Nearly a year ago, a brave and brilliant researcher’s career came to a sudden end, and I miss her. Her name was 
+Carrie Campbell.

She reached into signals from the unknown and revealed one of the most powerful mysteries to emerge from the  
+Niantic Project: The Shaper Glyphs. Her gift was language, symbols and the fabric of understanding, and she  
wielded it with grace and power.

The last time we met was in Chicago, the site of the #Helios Anomaly less than a day away. The Portals there 
will activate tomorrow, and Agents will leverage the power of XM to plot our path into the future. I can't help 
but wonder... Why there? Why now? Could it have something to do with +Carrie Campbell's last message to us all?

She gave her life protecting us all after the emergence of the 'Shaper Self-Destruct code,' a Glyph message 
with the power to end civilizations. Some have contested the nature of that threat, but I believe it was real. 
I also believe that when Carrie unleashed the power of the Glyphs to fight back the Shaper message, she knew 
that her act was a sacrifice for the greater good of us all.

Carrie: I will never forget you.



Hidden Info

Hidden Info
Alternate between -1 and +1 for each character. Replace damage with repair

Ended up being a reuse of the passcode

Groups of 2, columns for IIWTM4K3B4F ANEMPTINESS. Pun ⇒ 'a void'

Additional Information

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