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 </​WRAP> ​ </​WRAP> ​
 ---- ----
 +===Adapt or Die===
 +Jan 1, 2016 - http://​​2016/​01/​realizations.html
 +<WRAP center round box 90%>
 +(some of post snipped)
 +For Devra, it was the most poignant of all.  All of it was erased. ​ The escape with Jarvis, Visur, the CDC, Shanghai, Australia, the 13MAGNUS Nest.  She wouldn’t remember Farlowe, her assassin turned guardian angel or 855.  She was shocked to see Hank.  She’d thought he was dead.  She hugged him.  He told her she'd understand, in time.  It went through her.  Truth is, she thought she was dead and this was some afterlife initiation ceremony. ​ She focused instead on what she could control, and that was to return to the familiar. ​ Her apartment. ​ Her office. ​ Her books. ​ Hank felt a deep sadness, the images of everything they had shared over the last three years kept flashing in his mind.  Meeting on the bridge. ​ Sitting on the bench in New York.  Those long conversations that could make time stand still and the world shrink into the palms of their hands. ​ She would never know any of those memories. ​ But maybe new ones would take their place. ​ So much had been lost, but Hank had hope for what could still be created.
 +</​WRAP> ​
 ---- ----
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