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 ---- ----
 +===== Reference files =====
 +^ File/Clue Name ^ Key Concepts ^ Information from File/Clue ^ Date Presented ^ 
 +|[[investigation:​images#​sole_repair_concert|Sole Repair Concert]]| First appearance of Enoch | The announcement that Enoch would be present at the 13Magnus anomaly| 22 October 2013| 
 +|[[investigation:​audio?&#​elegy|Elegy]]|Elegy track|A music made in honour of Carrie Cambell|21 October 2013| 
 +|[[investigation:​videos:​enoch?&#​enoch_dalby_-_epiphany_night|Epiphany Night]]|Enoch'​s videoclip for the music Epiphany Night| | 14 November 2013|
 +|[[investigation:​audio?&#​epiphany|Epiphany]]|Epiphany track|A music made inspired by the Epiphany night|22 November 2013|
 +|[[investigation:​audio?&#​redemption|redemption]]|Redemption track|A music made inspired by the search of someone|22 November 2013| 
 +|[[investigation:​videos:​enoch?&#​enoch_dalby_-_redemption|Redemption]]|Enoch'​s videoclip for the music Redemption|In this track you can hear a message from Jarvis. It has some reversed audio that the original track does not| 22 November 2013|
 +|[[investigation:​documents:​chatlogs?&#​warm_in_there|Warm in there]]| chatlog between Misty and Enoch | Enoch and Misty talk about weird visions they been having involving Carrie and Russian voices | 23 November 2013 |
 +|[[investigation:​videos:​enoch?&#​enoch_dalby_-_translation|Translation]]| Videoclip for the music Translation||20 December 2013|
 +|[[audio:​duplicity|Duplicity]]|New music from Enoch Dalby hides a darker secret.|Enoch Dalby music Duplicity.|2 February 2014|
 +|[[audio:​sirens|Sirens]]|sirens - new track from enoch dalby |Enoch Dalby music Sirens|9 February 2014|
 +|[[audio:​shaped|Shaped]]|Enoch Dalby releases the final track from his first album since the end of the #​NianticProject.||24 March 2014|
 +|[[https://​​u/​0/​+HRichardLoeb/​posts/​KeHUvxEsG4h|Who is Enoch]]|Loeb reviews known info about Dalby as his shards are emerging in Zurich |[[Who is Enoch Loeb g+ post]] | Oct. 20 2015|
 ===== Sole Repair Concert ===== ===== Sole Repair Concert =====
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 {{:​investigation:​characters:​enochsignature.jpg?​200|}}Enoch'​s signature {{:​investigation:​characters:​enochsignature.jpg?​200|}}Enoch'​s signature
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