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Dr. Edgar Allan Wright - Detailed Dossier

Reference files

File/Clue Name Key Concepts Information from File/Clue Date Presented
Vulnerable Mention of Dr. Wright's Hypothesis Mention to his hypothesis of people leaving pieces of themselves in important places to them 01/29/2013
G+post Knowledge of Misty Hannah and Project Whydah Dr. Wright talks about Misty and her involvement in the past with project Whydah. 01/29/2013
The grid Current reaction of devra to Dr Wright Devra at the mention of Dr. Wright's name gets very upset 05/10/2013

Additional Information

important G+ posts

29 january 2013

From another thread. I think it is important that I also post this here: With the Cahokia incident, I feel that I am now obliged to tell some of the things I know. Misty Hannah is no stranger to the NIA. As a young girl, she demonstrated some, let us say, paranormal abilities that interested Project Wydah (sp) that preceded the Niantic Project. There desire to suppress her might have deeper implications than it would immediately appear.

in replies to the original post he would say
Misty Hannah has always been a psychic weapon. Unfortunately the victim has usually been herself. I have no idea what her capabilities would be if heightened by exotic matter. In one classified study (we're way beyond honoring secrecy now) she very compellingly demonstrated astral projection. Yes. I was, let's say, attached to the Whydah project.

Dr. Edgar Allan Wright's Comments About Yuri

Dr. Wright posted to the operation_essex group on Nov. 13, 2013.

I find it quite interesting and somewhat nostalgic to see a dialogue between Lightman, Schubert and Nagassa. That is the kind of conversation that was held long ago. I can't remember which ones of them were there and which weren't. Lightman had to be there. Much younger, of course. And Nagassa… Always part feral… Part advanced intellect. Interesting mix. He'd be like Pan or a minotaur or something. Feral is not the right word. Uncontacted. Yes. Uncontacted.

He followed up in the comments on his post with this

Edgar Allan Wright 8:21 AM

He did not study with the Anaztec or the Nazteka, he was born with them. His father was a Soviet Scientist. Working on Astro Espionage. They build an observatory high in the Andes either to spy on U.S. satellites or to gain astrological insight (there are different stories on this), and Yuri was raised there.

I imagine that it would be like having your father be a lighthouse keeper.

Anyway, there was an un-contacted tribe nearby. Yuri played with the children of the tribe, and learned from them. Here's what is interesting; they are believed to be the last of a dying tribe that was killed with the Shaper self-destruct code – a cycle that began with the Cahokians. My suspicion is that Lightman's skill at interpreting Glyphs came from Yuri.

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