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-Dr. Edgar Allan Wright - Detailed Dossier 
-^ Informal File/Clue Name ^ Key Concepts ^ Information from File/Clue ^ Date Presented ^ File/Clue URL ^ Notes ^ 
-| Knowledge of Misty Hannah and Project Whydah| Dr. Wright talks about Misty | see notes below #1 | Jan. 29, 2013 | [[https://​​u/​0/​110289508116377658380/​posts/​E1jP6Sbc4iU|g+ post]] | notes | 
-| Mention of Dr. Wright'​s Hypothesis| mention of hypothesis | see notes below #2 | date | [[http://​​pac/​IB/​02/​item/​vulnerable.html|g+ post]] | notes | 
-| Row 3 Col 1| Row 2 Col 2 | Row 2 Col 3 | Row 2 Col 4 | Row 2 Col 5 | Row 2 Col 6 | 
-| Row 4 Col 1| Row 2 Col 2 | Row 2 Col 3 | Row 2 Col 4 | Row 2 Col 5 | Row 2 Col 6 | 
-Additional Information:​ 
-1. - Edgar Allan WrightJan 29, 2013  -  Public 
-From another thread. ​ I think it is important that I also post this here:  With the Cahokia incident, I feel that I am now obliged to tell some of the things I know.  Misty Hannah is no stranger to the NIA.  As a young girl, she demonstrated some, let us say, paranormal abilities that interested Project Wydah (sp) that preceded the Niantic Project. ​ There desire to suppress her might have deeper implications than it would immediately appear. 
-in replies to the original post - Edgar Allan Wright - Misty Hannah has always been a psychic weapon. Unfortunately the victim has usually been herself. I have no idea what her capabilities would be if heightened by exotic matter. In one classified study (we're way beyond honoring secrecy now) she very compellingly demonstrated astral projection. 
-Yes. I was, let's say, attached to the Whydah project. 
-2. - Conversation about Dr. Wright'​s work -  
-Ni:  how did they know how to go after him there?| 
-Sent at 8:17 AM on Tuesday| 
-This chat is off the record| 
-Kureze: ​ Do you remember Dr. Edgar Wright?| 
-Ni:  the name is familiar. he was a project candidate? 
-Kureze: ​ Yes, the same. I suspect it was a chain reaction of events stemming from Dr. Wright'​s hypothesis that people leave bits of themselves in places that are important to them. 
-Ni:  how did they target Johnson? 
-Kureze: ​ Somebody must have known about his undergraduate thesis on Cahokia Mounds. 
-Knowing Hank, he must have spent months researching it. 
-Bound himself to it. 
-He may have spent time there physically during his research. 
-Ni:  and that made him vulnerable? 
-Kureze: ​ During the correct windows, yes. That is the hypothesis. 
-Ni:  Then maybe we are all vulnerable. 
-Kureze: ​ I suppose so. 
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