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 ===== Additional Information =====  ===== Additional Information ===== 
-So far the only info revealed ​about X is it is female.+To be added to page -  
 +One of the first mentions of Akira - A letter from Akira to Calvin ​about the Lawson Mod - https://​​u/​0/​+NianticProject/​posts/​QGdMjgsikzV 
 +intel on her linked to the SoftBank Mod - https://​​u/​0/​+NianticProject/​posts/​fY5t4Gp2UA8 
 +Mention of her link to the Lawson Power Cube - https://​​u/​0/​+Ingress/​posts/​fYyFU68DmiK 
 +A picture of her dossier card (hope someone who gets this posts the info so we can put it in the wiki) - https://​​u/​0/​+Ingress/​posts/​Bw16UczT4Ma 
 +Part of an Ingress report with message from Akira - https://​​-6V9dR-2zdE?​t=13m25s 
 +VISUR intel on Akira - https://​​u/​0/​+HRichardLoeb/​posts/​Z79PYTavouW 
 +Spotted near NL Prime test facility - https://​​u/​0/​+HRichardLoeb/​posts/​H5hiWCzAZfL 
 +Akira Tsukasa, and Jahan visiting Tokyo July 16 
 +XM researcher Akira Tsukasa, and Jahan is coming to Tokyo. - https://​​u/​0/​+Ingress/​posts/​8sqqpx7zE72 
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