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13 Magnus Timeline

Spanish Inquisition 1478 - 1834)

  • Established 1 November 1478. Disbanded 15 July 1834 ref
  • Hank has a book with coded woodcuts that depict 13Magnus members being tortured by Spanish Inquisition ref
  • Hank and Devra visit a church where 13Magnus members hid during the Inquisition ref
  • In the paper by Devra Bogdanovich and Hank Johnson, references are made to 13Magnus and the Spanish Inquisition


  • Summer - Devra Bogdanovich is working on a SETI research project at Areicbo with Dr. Paul School
  • August 21, 1994 - Hank Johnson visits the area for research related to a grant from Calvin Ezekiel. Meets Devra and the two spend time investigating a number of sites including a cave and a church. ref
  • September 11, 1994 - Devra writes a paper detailing the research they did and mentions Hank's research into 13 Magnus. ref



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