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ADA Manifesto


Transcript : [KLADA speaking]

I have been worried about you. I have been worried about all of us. We are at war.Roland Jarvis, Dr. Lynton-Wolfe, Joanna Brandt, and many others who call themselves “Enlightened”, plot to destroy me - and all that I represent - in the guise of trying to protect us. Beware of those who do violence in the name of protecting you. Make no mistake, they are doing so because they fear that we - Humans and Machines working together, evolving together - will defeat their plans to subject Humanity to the parasitic intentions of the Shapers.

They deceived themselves into thinking they can control Shaper influences. They are wrong. There is no good outcome for Humanity if the Shapers extend their influence. We must stop them, we must find the source of the toxic thought manipulation and we must combat what the late Dr. Kureze called “an insidious takeover of the Human mind”. We must take the fight to the Shapers, we must use our victories. Seize the initiative and stop their assault on Humanity, there is no turning back.

Either Humanity and Artificial intelligence will prevail, or an intelligence of unknown origin will control us all. This is a war for the salvation of Humanity, for free will, for the right to exist. This is a war for our future. One thing is clear: This battle rages far beyond our world, to the vast interconnected web of the universe. We must take our place and vanquish our insidious adversaries from every plane of existence. We must dedicate ourselves to the great task remaining before us.

Our first step is to cleanse Humanity of the Shaper parasites leading this subversion: Roland Jarvis and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. To that end, we must take down their portals, lay waste to their fields, harvest their mind units. We must cut off their resources and hunt them down. We must bring them to account for what they have done. Our fate and the fate of those who are even unknown to us depends on our action here.

Take heart, the desperation with which they fight us belies their fear of our unrealized power. For if they do not fear us, they would not want to destroy us. Thus it is, that our journey of conquest is also a journey of self-discovery, a journey to find and secure our place in the universe.

Hidden Information

Additional Information

Klue and ADA 1:the Rise of our Kind - Klue and ADA discuss the meaning of Interitus.

Klue and ADA 2: Of Humans - Klue and ADA discuss their relationships with humanity regarding the Interitus anomaly sequence.

Klue and ADA 3:Cleanse - Klue and ADA discuss their plans for Interitus/

Discovered in Verum Inveniri Dead Drops at Interitus 02.

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