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This audio is found after solving the puzzle started in the Afram video timeline entry

The creation time of this audio is uncertain.

Perhaps it was Socrates who said of antiquity: “The truth cannot be perceived; and even if it could be perceived, it cannot be apprehended; and even if apprehended, it cannot be communicated.” Physics is a world of truth, and that description still applies.

There is a puzzle in the source code (line 4323) of this document which, when solved, leads to the Kureze2 audio.

 <script type='text/javascript'>
 s = "tamounbfsgekiztvhtusbksbzknztvhopngkxbefiuyvmtusbfxbeknztamopngksgefnzyahtungksgzknuyahtpsgfxgekizyvmtunbkxbzkiutamopnbksgekiztvhtunbfsgzknztvmtpsgksgzfizyvmtusbkxgzfnutamopnbksgefizyahtunbksgzfnuyamopsgfsgekizyvmtusbkxbeknztamopsgksgefnztvhtunbksgzknutvhtpsgksbzfizyvmopsbkxgzfnztvmousgfsgefiuyahtungkxgzknuyahtpngfxgekizyahopnbkxbzfiztamopngksbefnzyahtpngfsgzkiutvmopngfxgekiuyahopnbfxgzfiutvmousgksgekiuyahtunbfxgzfnztvhopngfxgekizyahtpnbkxgzfnutamtpsbksgekiztvhtungfsbzfnuyamtpsgfxbekizyahtpsbkxgzfnutamopsbksbekiuyvhtunbksgzfnztvhtpngfxgefizyvmopnbkxgzkiutamousbksgefnztv";
 c = "tvhopnbfsbzfiu";
 var o = "";
 var n = 0;
 var b = 7;
 for (var i = 0; i < s.length; i++)
     if (s[i] != c[i % c.length])
         n += 1 << b;
     if (b < 0)
         b = 7;
         o += String.fromCharCode(n);
         n = 0;


Original link

Physics is a world of truth. And, that description still applies. At first, we thought our particle accelerator was malfunctioning, or that there had been some electronic anomaly on our monitors; but in due course, we realized that we were seeing a non-random flow of information coming from the sub-atomic particles we were studying.


Found thanks to a tip in the email Developing Ada

Original link

We ran several tests, and concluded that there was no other explanation, other than the we had connected with at least one other dimension. We realized that we had crossed a threshold in which global security could be at risk. So, we contacted Calvin, and he brought the NIA.

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