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Posted Nov 4, 2012

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This audio file originates from the circle metadata puzzle.

Hidden Info

Hidden Information
Vigenère Cipher text yields , which leads to “Inspirare” and a 0:54 second audio clip: MP3 File:


<sigh> I am about to disclaim my own genius. You see, at some point, I realized that my ideas did not come from inside myself but from… from somewhere else. At first, I rejected this concept. I laughed when I was sued by a madman who was claiming that I was stealing his ideas. The suit of course went nowhere because I have very good lawyers, but… that’s when we were leaving the courtroom and he described to me in precise detail the idea that had been brewing in my mind, but that I had told nobody. Ugh, it’s bugged me. <sigh> It bugs me even more when he hung himself from one of my installations.


Additional Information

Notes: The speaker in this audio clip is Roland Jarvis (identified on Day #13). Who was the “madman” who accused Roland Jarvis of stealing his ideas? What “installation” is Roland referring to?

Additional text seen on the Inspirare page: “In modern psychology, inspiration is not frequently studied, but it is generally seen as an entirely internal process. In each view, however, whether empiricist or mystical, inspiration is, by its nature, beyond control.”

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