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Posted Nov 4, 2012

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This audio file originates from the circle metadata puzzle and the INspirie page - in the Inspirare page’s source code called “Contact”, a conversation between Paul and Devra mentioning “We’ve got dialtone” (the words seen on Tycho Poster #4).

Hidden Info

Hidden Information


PAUL: Hello? Hello?
DEVRA: Paul. It's Devra.
PAUL: Devra? Where are you? I've been worried!
DEVRA: Don't make it public that I called, OK?
PAUL: Uhh what's wrong?
DEVRA: Assure me that you won't tell anyone about this conversation.
PAUL: OK, yeah sure, you're assured.
DEVRA: You remember '84, in Arecibo?
PAUL: Sure, starry night, warm tropical winds,
DEVRA: Paul… <long pause> we've got dial tone.
PAUL: Contact? Devra, you're making me
ADA - This topic of conversation exceeds current classification level. Disconnecting


Additional Information

Devra and Paul talk about contact. The phrase “We have dial tone” appears in Tycho poster #4.

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