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Beauty Part 1

Posted Nov 8, 2012

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This audio file comes from a puzzle hidden in November 8th Thought of the day.

Hidden Info

Hidden Information
On the source at the bottom in line 1606 the following quote is found.

As “inspiration” came to mean simply the gathering of a new idea, Cicero reiterated the idea of a rush of unexpected breath, a powerful force that would render the poet helpless and unaware of its origin.'


She was strangely beautiful, but I couldn’t place what it was about her that was beautiful. Now I’d seen beauty, but, but this was something different, it was… it was harmonic. She said her name was Dr. Devra Bogdanovich. She wanted me to take part in a scientific inquiry she was initiating. It would answer a number of questions she knew I had. I asked her how she knew I had questions. She asked me where my ideas came from, it was like she was…living inside my head…


Additional Information

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