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Missions were first hinted about through various g+ posts and at the D.I.C.E Europe 2014 conference.

The September 25, 2014 Ingress report contained a broad introduction to missions. The g+ Ingress account posted a formal introduction of missions along with the link to the September 25 Ingress report and was “signed” by John Hanke.

The Ingress Mission Help provides a basic overview of missions.

Playing a Mission

See the detailed dossier for more information.

Creating a Mission

As of October 3, 2014, Mission creation is in beta.

A small number have been given the access to the mission creator tool. According to the Ingress Help Missions Page : “Create Missions - At this time, the ability to create new Missions is limited to a small group of Agents who are working to bring high-quality Missions to as many places as possible. Stay tuned.”

Agent Andrew Krug has created a video with some basics of creating missions.

See the detailed dossier for more information.

Mission Directory

See the detailed dossier for more information.

News Articles About Missions

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