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I and you Glyphs

Date posted: Jan. 18, 2014

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Hidden Info

Hidden Info
On the bottom of the me Glyph some braille is seen
Reading it gives 2zej3vostvepu9t8y. Reverse keyword to get “pevtsov”. Ilya Pevtsov is the CEO of Visur. Replace the keyword with “visur” 2zej3visuru9t8y

On the you glyph B4F5T.F5401.2DPJ6
Doing a google search of 1045F It resembles the data glyph so 6jpd2datat5f4b

On the top of the me Glyph - 6snx9 / zBBBa2 / d4p7j
Go to The picture there is of Cassandra of Troy. 6snx9cassandrad4p7j

The image title is nkt2x8o5cwf7li. Cut the string in half and swap the order to get the code 5cwf7linkt2x8o

In the EXIF this is found 182243476078789398/112132149167174174189193210228234253275289293298306327331347
Make pairs. Subtract each pair with the previous one and then add 1. Do numbers to letters (a=1). 7sap4shapersg2e5q


My thinking over the last few days, after my own previous message as well as upon hearing Yuri's strange but evocative story, led to some interesting discoveries.

They stand in opposition, and yet when the points they articulate meet: Harmony.

I had never thought that Glyphs would exist for such these ideas, perhaps because I assumed that such concepts are intrinsically human. it's particularly interesting because another Glyph exists for the idea of 'Self.' I've yet to determine how the Glyph for 'Me' and the Glyph for 'Self' vary in nuance.

Additional Information

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