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Flint Dille was in Seattle February 27, 2016 as part of the Obsidian Anomaly event.

Flint was at the Seattle after party and signed comics. He signed many with questions. A number of these come from posts in the Project Isthmus Community, the Essex Community and from a post Edgar Allan Wright made]]

Klue's Real Identity

Submitted by antonia lopez

What is Klue's real identity? She might be in this book!.

Who is Devra Running From

Submitted by antonia lopez

Who is Devra running from really?

Who Started as Enlightened

Submitted by Whitney Aewynia

“Which members of the Niantic team began as Enlightened?”

(Edit:) Flint stated there were 5 people I was looking for.

Who Escaped Epiphany Night

Submitted by Roy Alderman

“Who escaped Epiphany Night?”

Jackland and Others In Story

Submitted by Ryan Ratliff

“When do Jackland, the kidnapped professor, and the Tycho appearance at Comic-Con get into the story?”

What Characters Both Factions

Submitted by Scheurmann R.(esistance)

“What characters in Ingress have been in both factions?”


Submitted by Anthony Castanza

“What Essex members are referenced in the book? Who do you think set Flint Dille up last night?”

Calvin Trying to Create

Submitted by Nola Circuit

“What was Calvin trying to create at Niantic?”

Farlowe's Power

Submitted by Janice Wynn

“What is Farlowe's special sensitive power?”

At CERN After Epiphany Night

Submitted by oneneednotbeachamber

“Who was still in CERN after Epiphany Night?”

Dalby and Carrie Who Will Die

Submitted by oneneednotbeachamber

“What is the relationship between Dalby and Carrie? Who is going to die?”

Whose Body is Found in CERN

Submitted by oneneednotbeachamber

“Whose body is found in CERN after Epiphany Night?”

Assassin Killed by Farlowe

Submitted by Matt Stevenson (BigMatty)

“Who was the assassin killed by Farlowe at CERN?”

Also another question was “what is the closest location to the abbaddon anomaly?”

Susanna NIA - character card

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