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Anomaly events from February - March 2014

Resistance Goals: ADA fights to gather the Artifacts to complete her merger with Klue

Enlightened: Hank seeks to gather the Artifacts for currently unknown reasons connected with his encounter with the 13Magnus Stronghold.


XM Artifact Rules

Posted February 17, 2014

Original Link

We apologize, a critical detail was not included in +IQTech Research's Lab Analysis of the XM Artifacts. Upon further investigation, in order for an Artifact to move across existing Portal Links, both the origin and destination Portals must be upgraded to Level 8.


Recursion 01

Recursion 02

FEB 22

Recursion 03


Recursion 04

Recursion 05


SATELLITE: Cagliari, Italy Cairo, Egypt Nice, France Tel Aviv, Israel

Recursion 06

MAR 22 PRIMARY: Boulder, CO

SATELLITE: Boise, ID Provo, UT

Recursion 07

MAR 29 PRIMARY: Berlin, Germany Los Angeles, CA

SATELLITE: Brussels, Belgium Nantes, France Oakland, CA Spokane, WA

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