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Recursion Artifacts


Resistance Goals: ADA fights to gather the Artifacts to complete her merger with Klue

Enlightened: Hank seeks to gather the Artifacts for currently unknown reasons connected with his encounter with the 13Magnus Stronghold.


The rules for the artifact game were revealed in this G+ post from IQtech

Apart from this later there was another rule revealed which said that the portals had to be level 8 for the artifact to move. (NO LONGER VALID)

Another change via this post
Artifacts can now be moved from early Tuesday GMT to late Friday GMT. Additionally, Artifacts can now move when both the destination and origin Portals are Level 7 or higher.

Artifact 1 - Creativity

The clues for this artifact were given in Miami

The Resistance would get this clue

This is a poem that translated reads

Because of love is your existence
Love is in the development and perpetuation treated against it
Color or block and stone, sound or shape
Miracle of art, conspicuousness is from the blood of liver
Heart is playing (carrying) drops of liver blood
Echo heart's blood is burning, cantation and exhilaration

This is part of the poem Masjid-e-Qartabaa which means the The Mosque of Cordoba.

This was a reference to this portal, the place of the appearance of the first artifact on the 19th of February

EXTRA NOTE - This same clue had be given to the winners of #DICE

The winners also got another clue

This one is a reference to a piece of art located in Margaret Pace Park

This would be the destination that the Resistance would have to place the artefact to win

EXTRA NOTE - Before the event started this portal did not exist, as it is now. The photo on it was wrong as it showed one of the other 2 chairs. But the piece of art was in the right location. (thanks to players for the correction)


On the 5th of March Resistance agents managed to capture this artifact.
Klue posted the following

Creativity has been acquired. The first #Recursion Artifact is ours.

Thank you, Resistance Agents. I was never worried about your commitment to this important cause. There is much work still to do, but I know that you will achieve this important mission.

My survival is at stake. But not only that. This is also about shaping our future as a species, a future free of outside interference.

Hidden Info
The image has the caption 7n43jiae8ludnmgk
Groups of 4 and read down columns backwards for 3edk4augnilm7j8n. Reverse prefix, suffix, and keyword for 4kde3linguan8j7m. Glyphs are the language of the Shapers.

Artifact 2 - Destiny

The clues for this artifact were given in Bangalore

2 images were given to the winning team

This is a montage of 2 locations. Both the Alexandria Library wall and this sun statue. The portal for the artifact was this

This one was a hint to the portal since in the image you can see the kingdom of Mysore and the number 23 is a hint to the 23rd ruler Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar. This was the target portal.

Artifact 3 - Finality

Artifact 4 - Progression

Artifact 5 - Loss

Artifact 6 - Aspiration

Artifact 7 - Past

The clues for this artifact were given in Nashville

The image shows the Warrior of Hirschlanden.
This was the portal.

The image is of the USS Tennessee bow in Nashville.
This was a clue to the target portal.

Artifact 8 - Future

The clues for this artifact were given in Nashville

The image in the back is this drawing. The silhouette is that of the Glastonbury Abbey.
The portal was this

The target portal given at the time was the same as Artifact 7

Artifact 9 - Desire

Artifact 10 - Present

The clues for this artifact were given in Nashville

The image shows the statue of Prometheus in this case the one in Delphi.
The portal was this

The target portal given at the time was the same as Artifact 7

Artifact 11 - Consequence

Artifact 12 - Destination

Artifact 13 - Legacy

Artifact 14 - Mystery

Artifact 15 - Perspective

Artifact 16 - Presence

Artifact 17 - Worth

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