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Interitus 02



Hidden Information

Dead Drops Detailed Dossier

Burst Operation Report and Scoring


Connected Cells

Cell Scoring
The Resistance controlled NR02-JULIET-11 (Primary) [Value: 50]
The Enlightened controlled NR03-GOLF-15 (Satellite) [Value: 30]
The Resistance controlled NR02-GOLF-14 (Satellite) [Value: 30]
The Resistance controlled NR13-ROMEO-03 (Volatile) [Value: 40]
The Resistance controlled AS15-PAPA-09 (Volatile) [Value: 40]
The Enlightened controlled AS02-NOVEMBER-09 (Additional) [Value: 20]
The Enlightened controlled NR01-DELTA-05 (Additional) [Value: 20]
The Enlightened controlled AM01-GOLF-09 (Additional) [Value: 20]
The Resistance controlled NR05-CHARLIE-00 (Additional) [Value: 20]
The Enlightened controlled AS10-GOLF-01 (Additional) [Value: 20]

Measurement 1

Measurement 1 Link

Measurement 1 Report

Measurement 2

Measurement 2 Link

Measurement 2 Report

Measurement 3

Measurement 3 Link

Measurement 3 Report

Measurement 4

Measurement 4 Link

Measurement 4 Report

Additional Information

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