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Ni and Kureze talk about Hank's encounter at the Cahokia Mound in the context of Edgar Allan Wright's theory.

Hidden Info

Hidden Info


Ni: how did they know how to go after him there?
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Kureze: Do you remember Dr. Edgar Wright?
Ni: the name is familiar. he was a project candidate?
Kureze: Yes, the same. I suspect it was a chain reaction of events stemming from Dr. Wright's hypothesis that people leave bits of themselves in places that are important to them.
Ni: how did they target Johnson?
Kureze: Somebody must have known about his undergraduate thesis on Cahokia Mounds.
Knowing Hank, he must have spent months researching it.
Bound himself to it.
He may have spent time there physically during his research.
Ni: and that made him vulnerable?
Kureze: During the correct windows, yes. That is the hypothesis.
Ni: Then maybe we are all vulnerable.
Kureze: I suppose so.



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