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 \\  \\ 
 After trust issues - pl<​3>​q5b6<​fmg1he \\  After trust issues - pl<​3>​q5b6<​fmg1he \\ 
-\\  +Groups of 4, read columns backwards for 3bme<​5fhlq<​1p>​6g. 3+5=8, 8+1=9, 9-6=3. Replace fhl with hajra\\  
-\\ +**3bme8hajraq9p3g**\\ 
 \\  \\ 
 In Devra'​s last line there is some braille \\  In Devra'​s last line there is some braille \\ 
Line 91: Line 91:
 ===== Additional Information ===== ===== Additional Information =====
 +The day after this document was released [[https://​​102598577258553073047/​posts/​V95g1FQgh6c|Devra posted]] the following
 +<WRAP center round box 90%>
 +I will never confirm nor deny the veracity of yesterday'​s release from Hulong which concerned a private conversation between Zeke Calvin and myself. ​ However, I do protest the posting of such things without verification. ​ Private conversations should remain private.
 +On a lighter note, I have heard rumors that Tycho is releasing another comic. ​ It is fun to see the events of your life illustrated,​ despite the fact that those were very hard days.  Of course, as much of what is in Tycho'​s comic relates to classified material, I have to be careful about what I say.
 ---- ----
 {{tag>​documentschat feb2014 Devra_Bogdanovich Ezekiel_Calvin Ilya_pevtsov H_Richard_Loeb Henry_Bowles}} {{tag>​documentschat feb2014 Devra_Bogdanovich Ezekiel_Calvin Ilya_pevtsov H_Richard_Loeb Henry_Bowles}}
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