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Devra and Calvin talk about new agents to be unleashed, Hank, Bowles and Loeb.

Hidden Info

Hidden Info


FILE ID: 327666673300:0087S283SS81
Source: Withheld
Surveillance Target: Wide Network Scan
Present: Calvin, Ezekiel (CEO, IQTech Research)
Bogdanovich, Devra (Former Niantic Researcher)
E-Int Form: COMINT Surveillance Audio


BOGDANOVICH: Calvin, if you have any doubt about whether we're at risk, just take a look at Hank.
CALVIN:      It's been a long time, Devra. Yeah. We're trying to find Hank, but he doesn't seem to want to 
be found.
BOGDANOVICH: Might be having some trust issues.
CALVIN:      So is the CDC going to fund your vaccine?
BOGDANOVICH: Who says am at the CDC.
CALVIN:      I'm NIA Devra. You sure you're doing the right thing?
BOGDANOVICH: No. How could I be? But it's the best option I see. God knows what Lynton-Wolfe is up to.
CALVIN:      Depends on whether Jarvis trusts him. We've picked up some chatter that millions of new agents 
are going to be unleashed soon.'
BOGDANOVICH: What's that mean?
CALVIN:      If I knew, I'd be telling you. We can't even find a common source on the chatter.
BOGDANOVICH: So maybe ADA's up to something.
CALVIN:      If it's mass proliferation of scanners, don't rule out Bowles. He's been off the grid. So has
BOGDANOVICH: So you're not buying the story that he's in hiding?
CALVIN:      I'm not selling anything and I'm not buying anything. I just have a feeling that something big 
is in the works. Maybe multiple things.
CALVIN:      So how come you didn't take Ilya's deal?
BOGDANOVICH: You know what he wants to do? He wants to use XM to extend human life for the elite. It's his 
version of the Singularity. Jarvis called it "patterning" - a back-up that can be repeatedly restored. In 
theory, a person could use it to stop the aging process.
CALVIN:      We talked about that at CERN. You called them Simulacrums. We realized it would be nothing like
our old fears of cloning.
BOGDANOVICH: Yes. And God knows what Jarvis is, but it's not something natural. Right now, I want to have the 
vaccine. The stakes are too high.



Additional Information

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