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 ===== Additional Information ===== ===== Additional Information =====
 +[[events:​Recursion:​DICE2014#​repurcussions|#​DICE2014]]- Susanna Moyer states that she has no comment on the body found in the Nevada desert
 +[[documents:​Housekeeping|Housekeeping]]- A redacted name that may be Susanna Moyer called Ken Owen of the NIA for help in removing a body.
 +[[documents:​smartplays|Smart Plays]]- An associate of Louie becomes upset and seeks restitution over his death.
 ---- ----
 {{tag>​documentnews feb2014 Las_Vegas DICE2014 Lucky_Louie}} {{tag>​documentnews feb2014 Las_Vegas DICE2014 Lucky_Louie}}
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