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Niantic Project X post

“Just walk away, Smith.”



NI: I just had an interesting talk with Farlowe.

Smith: Hurbert Farlowe?

Ni: You know any others?

Smith: How did he contact you?

Ni: Not important. The message is.

Smith: What did he say?

Ni: He says if you don't kill Devra, he won't kill you.

Smith: Pah. I'm not worried about him.

Ni: Look. IN a fair fight, I'd bet on you. This one isn't fair. He knows where you are and you don't know where he is. It's not a fair fight. Don't take it personally. Just leave her alive and unharmed.

Smith: She was harmed when she left Hulong.

Ni: Just walk away Smith.

Smith: Just walk away?

Ni: And don't look back.

Smith: You realize what she could do?

Ni: Don't look back. Don't look forward for that matter. Leave her. Get out of there.

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