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 +====== Tycho Sees ======
 +Updates from Tycho'​s tumblr account : [[http://​​|Tycho Sees]]
 +===== Feb 24 2014 =====
 +[[investigation:​timeline:​02_2014#​tycho_sees_tumblr|February 24, 2014]]
 +Coming soon\\
 +While i was working on my new Ingress comic, I decided to go back and explore previous visions. It led me to revise my last two comics, discovering details that previously I had not sensed…\\
 +[[http://​​post/​77627379075/​ive-been-working-on-refining-previous-visions|I’ve been working on refining previous visions.]]\\
 +[[http://​​post/​77627487173/​and-finding-new-ones|And finding new ones...]]
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