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Tuning ADA

Posted 3 November 2012

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Bowles introduces Henry Richard Loeb to the job and to ADA.


Tuning ADA


Loeb is using an account from outside your organization. Be careful what you discuss.
Loeb:  I put on my shoes when I heard ‘tune a sentient algorithm.’
Sent at 11:29 PM on Tuesday
This chat is off the record
Bowles: So you’re in.
Loeb: I’m in...’
Bowles: In case I didn’t mention this, this is classified and NDA’d, right.
Loeb: Got it. But check and see if my DNI clearance is still valid.
Bowles: You don’t know?
Loeb: Of course not.
Why would I?
It’s not like they notify you.
Bowles: I’ll get it fixed if it needs fixing.
Loeb: So I wiki'd the National Intelligence Agency
Wikipedia says the NIA don’t exist anymore.
here’s the link.
Bowles: My checks have been clearing.
Loeb: This is feeling pretty spooky.
Bowles: As spooky as a graveyard at midnight
and profoundly cool.
We call it the New Ideas Agency.
Loeb: Out of the box.
Bowles: Box-free.
You haven’t asked about money.
Loeb: Have a feeling I don’t have to.
As I said, I’m in.
When and where?
Bowles: Tomorrow.
Head to SFO.
Swissair LX 039.
leaves around 7p i think
e-ticket,you should be g2g, just bring your passport.
There’ll be a driver at the other end. he'll bring you down here. it'll be a bit of a drive.
Loeb: Limo, back doors don’t work?
Bowles: Back doors work.
No bullet proof glass between you and the driver.
Loeb: Should I bring a change of clothes?
How long is this going to be?
Bowles: Month. 
Maybe more.
Depends on how you and ADA get along.
Loeb: Ada?
Bowles: You’ll love her.
Hidden Information
The NIA reference in the chat is linked to which is redirected to . It's the NIA logo cut out of a letterhead.


The chat, between Loeb and Bowles, shows Bowles hiring Loeb to “tune a sentient algorithm” named ADA. The job is apparently for the NIA, an organization that, according to wikipedia, no longer exists.
Loeb - external freelancer, Bowles - NIA staff, ADA

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