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Niantic Project X post

It seems Jahan and her forces are on the move, likely with +Hank Johnson and Azmati in tow.



Montgomery:We picked up a series of vehicles leaving the (redacted)Temple ARea.

Calvin: You have a confirm Hank is with them?

Montgomery: I do not.

Calvin: Could be a decoy.

Montgomery: Could be. But I'm betting not.

Calvin: Follow them.

Montgomery: They were expecting that. Caravan of five cars split and went in five different directions.

Calvin: You can't track five targets?

Montgomery: I can track fifty. But I need HUMINT to know which one Hank is in.

Calvin: Then get some operatives on the ground.

Montgomery: I can not deploy assets on the ground there. You are going to have to figure this out on your end.

Calvin: Fine.

Montgomery: Calvin, I'n not getting your plays, here.

Calvin: You don't need to get them. You just need to track five cars.

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