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 ===== Transcript ===== ===== Transcript =====
 +Department of the Chief Medical Examiner - Coroner'​s Office
 +AUTOPSY REPORT ​                         Case File 89-5162
 +Type of Death (check one)               ​Decedent:​ ROLAND JARVIS
 +Violent Suicide ​  ​Casualty ​       Sudden when in apparent Health
 +Cremation ​        ​Suspicious,​ Unusual or unnatural (ticked) ​     Found Dead
 +Age 44     Race W    Sex  M
 +Date of Death / Found  12/1/12
 +Well... where to begin? I guess I'll start by pointing out the obvious: the body of Roland Jarvis is in a transitory form that has never existed before.
 +The tissue shows no sign of decay, although Jarvis has been clinically dead for over two weeks now. No rigor, no pooling of bodily fluids. The flesh remains pliable. The pupils remain clear.
 +Against my objections, I was instructed to remove part of the liver and attempt to destroy it using numerous methods. Fire, emulsion and caustic acids had no effect. While I could separate various organs and limbs of the decedent with vivisection,​ I could not destroy the tissue once I did so.
 +Even more disturbing was that a few moments later, the body would once again be fully whole.
 +I do not know the length of time this took. Seconds? Minutes?
 +I tried numerous times to record the moment when Jarvis'​ corpse would return to its pre-autopsy state, but I was never able to. 
 +It was as if my actions at "​modifying the corpse had never happened. Perhaps they didn'​t.
 +Date 12/14/12
 ---- ----
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