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Then Lie


The anonymous hacker returns sneaking a short clip of Susanna Moyer asking an unidentified person for advice.

Hidden Info

Hidden Info
On the left 7xjxaxbx7xxtx9xqx2xvx
Remove the Xs. since they are between each letter it is a hint for wave

Top left corner - 4utt7 b4x5g
The word missing shows up by magic ?

Top right - 6fcy9u93yflautr
Rows of 5. Rearrange columns in a way that the last row spells ultra

Some pixels at bottom of her shirt.
Unskew, and replace avril with iqtech

On the bottom left some braille is visible


Additional Information

Ingress Report Episode 45-Extracted from the last 10 second of Ingress Report 45

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